I, the Jury (1982 film)

I, the Jury

theatrical poster
Directed by Richard T. Heffron
Produced by Robert H. Solo
Written by Novel:
Mickey Spillane
Larry Cohen
Starring Armand Assante,
Barbara Carrera,
Laurene Landon
Music by Bill Conti
Cinematography Andrew Laszlo
Edited by Garth Craven
American Cinema Productions
Larco Productions
Distributed by 20th Century Fox (US)
Columbia-EMI-Warner (UK)
Release dates
April 22, 1982
Running time
111 mins.
Country United States
Language English
Box office $1,515,578[1]

I, the Jury is a 1982 film based on the best selling detective novel of the same name by Mickey Spillane. The story was previously filmed in 3D in 1953. Larry Cohen wrote the screenplay and was hired to direct, but was replaced when the film's budget was already out of control after one week of shooting.[2] He was replaced by Richard T. Heffron.

The film begins with a James Bond-like teaser opening before the story begins. The plot involves two detectives: protagonist Mike Hammer (Armand Assante) and his one-armed friend, Jack Williams, who is discovered murdered. The plot also features a serial rapist and a sex therapy clinic headed up by Dr. Charlotte Bennett (Barbara Carrera).

The plot contains elements not in the novel, such as government conspiracies and mind-control techniques by the CIA and the Mafia.[2]


According to screenwriter Larry Cohen, he was originally hired to direct but was fired after expressing his concerns to cast or crew over the producers running out of money. Cohen also claimed "We finished way ahead of them. They went way over budget and the company went bankrupt. They sold the picture at a bankruptcy sale." (Cohen didn't specify which production company went bankrupt.)[3]

Critical reaction

The film received mixed reviews. It was criticized for eschewing essential plot lines from the novel, in favor of nudity, violence and extended action scenes.[2][4] Others complained that Assante was miscast as Hammer.[5] However, a New York Times review of the film in 1982 written by Jennifer Dunning found the pulp film entertaining:

"Along the way there are spectacular chases and ingenious gore, including a water bed that oozes blood. It all ends with Hammer storming a booby-trapped hideaway, alone and without a gun, then slithering through a last little fillip of bloody romance. I, the Jury only aims to entertain. And who cares, with Mr. Assante around?"[6]



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