Hyperion Books

This article is about the book publisher. For the science fiction series by Dan Simmons, see Hyperion Cantos.
Hyperion Books
Parent company Hachette
Founded 1990[1]
Founder Michael Eisner[1]
Robert S. Miller[2]
Country of origin United States
Headquarters location New York City
Publication types Books
Imprints Hyperion
Official website www.hyperionbooks.com (adult titles)

Hyperion Books is a general-interest book publisher of the Hachette established in 1990. Hyperion publishes general-interest fiction and non-fiction books for adults under the following imprints: Hyperion Audio, Hyperion eBooks, Hyperion East, and Voice. A former subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, it is named after Hyperion Avenue, the location of Walt Disney Studios prior to 1939. The Disney Book Group publishes children's books under the Disney-Hyperion name.

Hyperion is the home of about 250 bestselling novels, including Mitch Albom’s The Five People You Meet in Heaven.[3] Hyperion's strategy is to not purchase backlists, to go after newer or lesser known authors and to "capitalized on Disney talent and products."[1]


Hyperion Books was founded in 1990 from scratch with no backlist by Disney's Michael Eisner[1] and Robert S. Miller.[2] Hyperion Books for Children (HBC) and Disney Press were launched in 1990 too.[1] The Disney Publishing Group was incorporated in January 1992[4] and included the already formed Hyperion Books, Hyperion Books for Children, Disney Press and other units. Hyperion took losses until 1994 when it published its most successful book to date, "Don't Stand Too Close to a Naked Man" by Tim Allen with 1.1 million copies sold.[1] In March 1995 with the market too crowded with Disney books, Hyperion Books for Children merged with Disney Press.[1] Hyperion Books for Children started a new imprint, Jump at the Sun, in September 1998 for the African-American children's market.[5] In April 1999, Hyperion Books sans its for children stable mate was transferred to Disney's ABC Group.[6]

In May 2004, Hyperion and Wenner Media agreed to a publishing and distribution deal for Wenner's new imprint Wenner Books beginning in spring 2005.[7] On September 28, 2007, the Hyperion Books division moved its offices from the ABC headquarters at 77 West 66th Street to the Disney Publishing Worldwide offices at 114 Fifth Avenue, occupying two floors of the building, during the course of a partial move of Hyperion's operations to White Plains, New York.[8]

Hachette subsidiary

In June 2013, Hachette announced that it would acquire Hyperion from Disney.[3] In the deal, Hachette will take on Hyperion's adult trade list including works by Mitch Albom and Michael J. Fox and 25 books to be published. Hyperion's books related to existing Disney–ABC Television Group properties and young adult titles will join the Disney-Hyperion imprint at Disney Publishing Worldwide.[9]

Best sellers


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