Human Drama

Human Drama

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Background information
Origin Los Angeles, California, United States
Genres Alternative rock, gothic rock
Years active 1985–2005, 2011-2012, 2015–present
Labels RCA
Noise Kontrol
Opcion Sonica (Mexico)
Triple X
Associated acts Sound Of The Blue Heart
Members Johnny Indovina
Mark Balderas
Michael Ciravolo
Steve Fuxan
Charles Bouis
Rob Cournoyer
Michael Mallory
Jamii Szmadzinski
CJ Eriksson
Gerri Sutyak
Carlo Bartolini
Steve Caton
Rita D'Albert
Curt Harding

Human Drama is an American alternative rock/gothic rock band led by singer/songwriter Johnny Indovina formed in 1985.[1] With Indovina the only constant member, the band released six studio albums before splitting in 2005. They reformed for concerts in 2011 and 2012, and again in 2015.

Human Drama (1985 - 2005)

Indovina began his career in New Orleans in 1980 in the Models.[1] In 1985 he had relocated to Los Angeles where he formed Human Drama, which quickly became prominent in the "Scream Scene", which developed around an underground LA club called Scream.[1][2]

Human Drama was signed to RCA Records in 1988.[3] They released both an EP, Hopes, Prayers, Dreams, Heart, Soul, Mind, Love, Life, Death, and an album, Feel, a year later.[1]

Human Drama signed next to Triple X Records, and released The World Inside in 1992.[3] A video for "This Tangled Web" was directed by long-time friend, roadie and tour manager for the band, Dave Eddy. The album proved so popular that Triple X eventually released a companion six-video compilation which included detailed narration from Johnny Indovina.

Pinups, a collection of cover songs, was released in 1993, followed by the Human Drama EP in 1994, and Songs of Betrayal in 1995, both on Projekt Records. In 1998 14,384 Days Later, a live, career-spanning retrospective was released on both Hollow Hills/Triple X and the Mexican Opcion Sonica label. A book of Indovina's lyrics, My Bag of Secrets (The Words of Human Drama)|My Bag of Secrets...the Words of Human Drama, was published in 1997. The following year brought Solemn Sun Setting, the band's seventh album, and in 2000, Triple X released The Best of Human Drama...In a Perfect World.

Indovina then released Momento's En El Tiempo, the first live document of his solo acoustic shows. Produced by long-time Human Drama guitarist Michael Ciravolo, the disc was culled from several performances recorded between 1995 and 2000, in venues such as Café Bizarro in Mexico City and CBGB's in New York City.

The final Human Drama album, Cause and Effect, was released in the US on Projekt Records, and in Latin America by Noise Kontrol. Human Drama came to an end in 2005.[4]

In late 2006, Indovina formed a new band, Sound of the Blue Heart, releasing the albums Beauty? (2006) and Wind of Change (2009).[2][5]

In 2011 Human Drama reunited for one concert in Hollywood, CA. In 2012 they performed in Mexico City at the Plaza Condesa.[6] They recorded a new single in 2015, "The Liar Inside".[7] Also that year Indovina released his first solo album, Trials of the Writer.[2] In 2015 Human Drama performed in Mexico City at Circo Volador in a 30th Anniversary Concert.[8]



Date of Release Title Label
1989 Feel RCA
1992 The World Inside Triple X
1993 Pinups Triple X
1995 Songs of Betrayal Projekt
1999 Songs of Betrayal Part One Triple X
1999 Songs of Betrayal Part Two Triple X
1999 Solemn Sun Setting Triple X
2002 Cause and Effect Projekt
Live albums



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The book My Bag of Secrets (The Words of Human Drama) contains lyrics, photos and commentary from Johnny Indovina and his fans. It was published in 1997.



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