Howard Berger

This article is about makeup artist. For screenwriter, see Howard S. Berger.
Howard Berger
Occupation Special make-up effects creator
Years active 1977-present.
Children 3 (Kelsey, Travis, and Jake)

Howard Berger is a special make-up effects creator who is best known for his work on The Chronicles of Narnia films. He has over 200 films to his credit since 1977.

Berger is the co-founder of KNB EFX Group along with Robert Kurtzman and Gregory Nicotero. The company specializes in prosthetic makeup, better known as special make-up effects, and has worked on over 400 film and television projects.

Berger also often works with Sam Raimi who he has been working with since 1986. Which most recently they worked together on Oz the Great and Powerful.[1]

He also has won an Emmy for the makeup in the TV show The Walking Dead.

Oscar nominations

Both of these are in Best Makeup

Personal life

He has 3 children, named Kelsey, Travis, and Jake.[4]


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