Horse the Band

Not to be confused with Band of Horses.
Horse the Band

Horse the Band in 2009. From left to right: Nathan Winneke, David Isen, Erik Engstrom, Daniel Pouliot.
Background information
Origin Lake Forest, California, United States
Genres Nintendocore, metalcore, experimental metal
Years active 1998–present
Labels Combat, Koch, Pluto, LIF, Vagrant, Roadrunner
Website www.
Members Erik Engstrom
David Isen
Nathan Winneke
Daniel Pouliot
Jeremiah Bignell
Past members Jason Karuza
Ritso Metso
Jason Roberts
Adam Crook
Guy Morgenshtern
Andy Stokes
Eli Green
Dashiel Arkenstone
Chris Prophet
Jon Karel (live/session)

Horse the Band is an American band from Lake Forest, California who are best known for their 8-bit videogame-influenced sound combined with metalcore. Frontman Nathan Winneke once jokingly described their sound as "Nintendocore", although the band have gone to lengths reiterating that this merely describes the sound, not the substance.


Horse the Band was started in Lake Forest, CA in 1998 while founding members Erik Engstrom and David Isen were attending El Toro High School. The band booked its own pay-to-play tours starting the summer of 2002, including a three-month tour spanning seven countries.

In the summer of 2004, they embarked upon the Horse the World Tour 2004, giving way to 85 shows in 90 days, spanning seven countries throughout North America and Europe. Early 2008 saw the band planning Horse the Band Earth Tour that would travel to 40 countries starting in early March. The band stated "we've become disillusioned, bad-attitude nerds and pariahs of the established music industry. "[1]

The band's lineup has fluctuated continuously throughout its existence, with keyboardist Erik Engstrom and guitarist David Isen as the only founding members still in the band.

On February 2, 2009, Horse the Band signed to Vagrant Records. In an interview they stated that they had been trying to get onto that label for nine years.[2]

Horse the Band's latest album Desperate Living was released on October 6, 2009.[3]

The band has continuously remained active in playing live shows even as the members have begun "adult lives" and as keyboardist Erik Engstrom moved to Germany. It is unknown if they will ever release more music.








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