Hong Ying Animation

Hong Ying Animation (simplified Chinese: 鸿鹰动画; traditional Chinese: 鴻鷹動畫; pinyin: Hóng Yīng Dònghuà) is an animation studio located in Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China and Shanghai, China.


Hong Ying Animation was founded in 1986. The studio began as a subcontractor of Wang Film Productions. After completing a few shows with the Wang Film Productions, Hong Ying Animation became their own company and specialized in cartoons. They are well known for working with DiC Entertainment.[1]

Hey Arnold!, a popular show animated by Hong Ying Animation
Clifford the Big Red Dog, a popular show animated by Hong Ying Animation


Hong Ying animated, inked, and/or painted for the following shows/movies:

As subcontractor for Wang Film Productions:


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