High Noon Toons

High Noon Toons

Haas from High Noon Toons
Created by Matt Thompson
Voices of Matt Thompson
Adam Reed
Country of origin United States
Running time 3 hours
Original network Cartoon Network
Original release 1994 – 1995

High Noon Toons was a 3-hour programming block of cartoons hosted by two cowboy hand puppets named Haas and Lil' Jo (a Bonanza pun) shown on Cartoon Network in the mid-1990s. The series was made by Matt Thompson and Adam Reed, who would later go on to create adult-themed cartoon series such as Sealab 2021 and Frisky Dingo for Adult Swim and Archer for FX.

Often the show would have special themes, such as "Quick Draw McGraw: Pure Mustang".[1] Haas and Lil' Jo also hosted Cartoon Network's "Spring Break '95", where the two would be on a beach setting with bikini-clad Barbie dolls, and would show Spring Break-related cartoons.[2] They also hosted the Thanksgiving Cartoon Parade in 1995.[3]

Creation and cancellation

Matt Thompson had been working for Turner for a while already in the early 1990s, when his boss at Cartoon Network liked his sense of humor. Matt was then asked to come up with some funny interstitial material for a new 3 hour block of cartoons. When it came time to present, Matt was so hungover from the night before that he had actually failed to come up with any ideas, so he simply started making his hand talk like a puppet. The hand puppets were a hit, and Matt was ordered to write 500 jokes to fill 10 to 15 seconds of filler time from the noon to 3pm time slot. Matt recruited his friend Adam Reed for the other hand puppet and the show was complete.[4]

Matt and Adam would often be drunk while making the show, and eventually got reprimanded for drinking on the job after setting a prop spaceship on fire.[5]


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