Hero Corp

Hero Corp
Genre Comedy Science Fiction
Created by Simon Astier
Country of origin France
Original language(s) French
No. of series 4
No. of episodes 85
Original network Comédie! (2008-2009)
France 4 (2009-present)
Original release 25 October 2008 – present
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Hero Corp is a French comedic science fiction TV show that has aired 85 episodes over 4 seasons, beginning in October 2008 on the cable channel Comédie!. In July 2009 it began broadcasting on France 4.[1] The show is created, directed by and stars Simon Astier, previously seen in the TV show Kaamelott.[1][2] The seasons one and two began to be aired in 2008 on the cable channel Comédie! and were rebroadcast on France 4 and Game One. The third season was broadcast on France 4 from the 21 October 2013.[3] The fourth season has been aired from December 19th 2014 on France 4 and from the 9 February on Game One. A fifth season is in progress for France 4...


Following a war which took place in the 1980s, it was decided to create an organization to include all the superheroes to maintain world peace: the Hero Corp agency. The agency has several secret sites all over the planet. In the department of Lozère, the retired, the fired, those resigning and the unmasked. Cut off from the rest of the world they have a quiet and peaceful life. But twenty years later this peaceful existence is destroyed when the supervillain 'The Lord' reappears!

According to a vision by 'The Voice', the character John is the only solution to this catastrophe, but the corporation prefers to keep that under wraps. John travels to a small village in southern France for his aunt's funeral, someone he hasn't seen for over 10 years. Over the next few days in the village John gets the feeling that people are keeping secrets from him. Strange things constantly happen and eventually he discovers that the village is populated by retired superheroes. Plus, living secretly among them is a supervillain who everyone believes is long dead.[4]


Main characters

Guest Stars


The ramshackle Château du Tournel, lair of "The Lord"

First season (2008)

  1. Le village (The village)
  2. Le test (The test)
  3. Le grand départ (The great departure)
  4. Révélations (Revelations)
  5. Recherches (Searches)
  6. Retour aux sources (Back to basics)
  7. À l’intérieur (Inside)
  8. Nouvelle donne (New deal)
  9. Emplettes (Shopping)
  10. L’alerte (Alert)
  11. Chez l'habitant (Homestay)
  12. Nouvelle peau (New skin)
  13. Die hard (Die hard)
  14. Duel (Duel)
  15. Après le calme (After the calm)

Second season (2010)

  1. La tempête (The storm)
  2. La leçon (The lesson)
  3. Ex-æquo (Equally)
  4. La mine (The mine)
  5. Au pied des murs (At feet of walls)
  6. Nouveau toit (New roof)
  7. Intrus (Intruder)
  8. Du bon côté (The good side)
  9. Servir l’homme (Serve the man)
  10. Dix-sept survivants (Seventeen survivors)
  11. Retrouvailles (Reunion)
  12. Stratèges (Strategists)
  13. Instructions (Instructions)
  14. Une nouvelle ère 1/2 (A new era - Part 1)
  15. Une nouvelle ère 2/2 (A new era - Part 2)

Third season (2013)

For the third season, Simon Astier and France 4 have developed an application smartphone to serve as transition between season 2 and 3, which will precede the TV broadcast, the device interactive series will begin on August 2, 2013 and the series will broadcast in France on September 4 at 8pm. The format of the series also changed, from 15 26-minute episodes to 36 episodes of approximately 7 minutes.

Fourth season (2014)

In 2014, France 4 renewed the show for a fourth season. The format of the series will change again. Season 4 will consist of 19 episodes of 12 minutes each.


The production company's ultimate owner is the French conglomerate Lagardère Group. The show is mostly shot in the Lozère department, with a ruined castle near Mende providing the lair of "The Lord", the show's supervillain.[18] Some scenes were shot in Montreal, Canada. Music is provided by the French composer Etienne Forget.

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