Henry Weed Fowler

Henry Weed Fowler
Born March 23, 1878
Died June 21, 1965
Alma mater Stanford University
Occupation zoologist, herpetologist

Henry Weed Fowler (March 23, 1878 – June 21, 1965) was an American zoologist born in Holmesburg, Pennsylvania.[1][2]

He studied at Stanford University under David Starr Jordan. He joined the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia and worked as an assistant from 1903 to 1922, associate curator of vertebrates from 1922 to 1934, curator of fish and reptiles from 1934 to 1940 and curator of fish from 1940 to 1965.[2]

He published material on numerous topics including crustaceans, birds, reptiles and amphibians, but his most important work was on fish. In 1927 he co-founded the American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists and acted as treasurer until the end of 1927.[1][2]


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