Heilongjiang Television Station

Heilongjiang Television (HLJTV)
Type Broadcast
Country People's Republic of China
Official website

Heilongjiang Television (HLJTV, simplified Chinese: 黑龙江电视台; traditional Chinese: 黑龍江電視台; pinyin: Hēilóngjiāng Diànshìtái), is a television network in the Harbin, China and Heilongjiang province area. The Heilongjiang Television and Radio Broadcast Center is located in the Long Ta (Dragon Tower). It is associated with Long Guang through the Heilongjiang Radio and TV Group. The logo is conspicuously both the English "H" and the Chinese "龙", depending on how one looks at it.

(Source: http://www.hljtv.com/dalou/main.htm)

Online At Long Bei Jing Zai Xian

Heilongjiang Television Bei Jing Zai Xian (Chinese: 黑龙江电视台背景在线) is the online website that describes the television stations of Heilongjiang Television, including the listing and contents. (The "Bei Jing" in this case means "background scenery" and is not the same as Beijing, the capital city of China).

List of Harbin Television Stations

Harbin TV Stations
Channel Description
Weishi 卫星频道 News and Information Channel
Yingshi 影视频道 Soap Opera Channel
Wenyi 文艺频道 Movie Channel
Nu Xing 女性频道 Women's Charm Channel
Fa Zhi 法制频道 Legal and Social System Channel
Gong Gong 公共频道 Public Channel
Shao Er 少儿频道 School Channel
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