Hardcore Devo: Volume One

Hardcore Devo: Volume One
Compilation album by Devo
Released August 1990
Recorded April 1974–December 1977
Length 42:20
Label Rykodisc
Producer Devo
Devo chronology
Devo's Greatest Misses
Hardcore Devo: Volume One
Hardcore Devo: Volume Two
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Robert Christgau[1]
Pitchfork Media8.6/10[2]

Hardcore Devo: Volume One is the first of two collections of demos by the American new wave band Devo. It was originally released in August 1990, on the label Rykodisc. It was out of print for over twenty years; however, it was re-issued on Superior Viaduct[3] in 2013 both as a vinyl release (May 2013) and a CD containing both volumes and bonus tracks (July 2013).


The Hardcore Devo albums are collections of 4-track basement demos recorded by the band between 1974–1977. Some tracks are earlier versions of some of Devo's best known tracks that would later be re-recorded and used on subsequent Devo records (e.g. "Jocko Homo," "Mongoloid"), but a majority of the tracks were never re-used and remained unreleased until the Hardcore Devo compilations.

Track listing

No. TitleWriter(s)Lead vocals Length
1. "Mechanical Man"  Mark MothersbaughMark Mothersbaugh 4:23
2. "Auto Modown"  Gerald CasaleGerald Casale 2:01
3. "Space Girl Blues"  G. CasaleG. Casale 1:52
4. "Social Fools"  G. CasaleG. Casale 3:41
5. "Soo Bawlz"  M. MothersbaughM. Mothersbaugh 2:43
6. "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction"  M. Mothersbaugh 3:00
7. "Jocko Homo"  M. MothersbaughM. Mothersbaugh 2:56
8. "Golden Energy"  M. MothersbaughM. Mothersbaugh 2:32
Side two
No. TitleWriter(s)Lead vocals Length
9. "Buttered Beauties"  
  • M. Mothersbaugh
  • G. Casale
G. Casale 3:38
10. "Midget"  
G. Casale 2:41
11. "I'm a Potato"  
G. Casale 2:38
12. "Uglatto"  G. CasaleG. Casale 2:00
13. "Stop Look and Listen"  M. MothersbaughM. Mothersbaugh 2:33
14. "Ono"  
  • M. Mothersbaugh
  • G. Casale
G. Casale 2:46
15. "Mongoloid"  G. Casale
  • G. Casale
  • Bob Mothersbaugh
Total length:


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