Happiness Is in the Field

Happiness Is in the Field
(Le bonheur est dans le pré)
Directed by Étienne Chatiliez
Written by Florence Quentin
Starring Michel Serrault
Eddy Mitchell
Sabine Azéma
Carmen Maura
François Morel
Catherine Jacob
Release dates
  • 1995 (1995)
Running time
106 min
Country France
Language French
Budget $10.2 million
Box office $32.3 million[1]

Happiness Is in the Field (French: Le bonheur est dans le pré) is a French comedy directed by Étienne Chatiliez in 1995.


Francis Bergeade, owner of a toilet seats and brushes' factory in Dole, has just turned 65 and his life is a misery. Tax services are harassing him, his snobby wife Nicole despises him, and his daughter whimsically wants to have an expensive wedding. Francis knows only moments of relief while having lunches or dinners in fancy restaurants with his best friend, car dealer Gérard. Stress become too overwhelming and while on a lunch, he suffers an attack from a blocked nerve.

During his convalescence, his family watch a reality television show about long-lost relationships and disappearances called "Où es-tu?" ("Where are you?"). Amongst the cases, a Spanish-born woman, Dolorès Thivart, and her daughters, "Zig" and "Puce", producers of duck foie gras from Condom, are looking for their husband and father, Michel, who vanished 27 years ago. Michel Thivart happens to be Francis's exact lookalike.

For Francis, it means more problems to come...or is it the start of a brand new life?



Eddy Mitchell received the 1996 César Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role for his role in the film.


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