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Hanako Games, is an independent video game development company founded by Georgina Bensley that develops PC games mostly involving female protagonists centered on fantasy-[1] and anime-inspired style. Games on the site include Fatal Hearts, Cute Knight, Summer Session, and Science Girls. The website provides free demos for all of the games along with downloadable wallpapers. Hanako Games is an affiliate of Winter Wolves, Tycoon Games and sakevisual.

In 2015, Hanako Games started to publish visual novel games that were not originally written by them, and release them under the name Hanabira. The first game Sword Daughter was released on January 5, 2015. Originally, the story was a gamebook of the Dragontales series by Rhondi A. Vilott Salsitz and was first published in the 1980s. In 2016, the game A Littly Lily Princess was released under the label of Hanabira. It is visual novel game with raising sim elements and based on the novel A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett.


In 2007, Hanako Games was awarded the top prize at Innovate 2007, sponsored by the Casual Games Association.[2]

Black Closet was named as a finalist for the Excellence in Narrative category for the 2016 Independent Games Festival.[3]

Developed games

as Hanako Games
Release Date Title(s) Genre(s)
2003 Charm School Role-playing video game
Sweet Dreams Adventure game
2004 Pentagraph Puzzle video game
Classroom Chaos Strategy video game
2005 Summer Schoolgirls Life simulation game
Cute Knight Role-playing video game
2007 Fatal Hearts Visual novel
Cute Knight Deluxe Role-playing video game
2008 Summer Session Dating sim
2009 Science Girls! Role-playing video game
Cute Knight Kingdom Role-playing video game
2010 Date Warp Visual novel
2011 Magical Diary Life simulation game
2012 Long Live The Queen Life simulation game
2013 The Royal Trap Visual novel
2015 Black Closet Life simulation game
as Hanabira
Release Date Title(s) Genre(s)
2015 Sword Daughter Visual novel
2016 A Littly Lily Princess Dating sim


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