Haicang Bridge

Haicang Bridge
Coordinates 24°29′49.5″N 118°04′6.5″E / 24.497083°N 118.068472°E / 24.497083; 118.068472Coordinates: 24°29′49.5″N 118°04′6.5″E / 24.497083°N 118.068472°E / 24.497083; 118.068472
Carries 6 lanes of provincial road 201
Crosses East China Sea to Xiamen Island
Locale Fujian, China
Design Suspension bridge
Total length 5,926 metres (19,442 ft)
Longest span 648 metres (2,126 ft)
Construction end 1999
Haicang Bridge
Location in Fujian

Haicang Bridge (simplified Chinese: 海沧大桥; traditional Chinese: 海滄大橋; pinyin: Hǎicāng Dàqiáo; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Hái-chhong Tōa-kiô) is a suspension bridge located in Xiamen, Fujian Province, China. Built in 1999, it has a main span of 648 meters.

Haicang Bridge is a very important bridge that links Xiamen Island (where the city center is located) with the city's Haicang District located on the mainland.

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