H.E.D.Z. or Head Extreme Destruction Zone is a 1998 action/adventure game for Windows from VIS Entertainment published by Hasbro Interactive. The player, whose character is an alien, selects heads (five starters, hundreds throughout the game) and goes on a preset order of battlefields to fight other aliens for heads, as well as the right to be the MVP of the arenas.


The premise of the game is to acquire as many various number of 'heads' from competing aliens as you can, any head you acquire that is already in your inventory is redeemed for Z money, which you can use to replenish health to current heads or ones in your backpack.

Every level is engineered uniquely based on its 'style' and there are a number of special condition areas that one must meet requirements to reach, like hitting a button and reaching the destination before it resets, or eliminating all hostiles in the area.

Head Types

Each head can have a primary type and special attribute.

Special Ability classes for heads

World Types

The Nappa Flux consists of fours sets of asteroids. Each set of asteroids is called a Dan and each Dan contains five different levels.

Each asteroid has its own 'world' modeled after themes from earth, where everything else was abducted, and with each world comes with different itinerary for 'world moving' mechanics

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