Government Executive

Government Executive
Editor Tom Shoop
Categories trade magazine
Frequency Monthly
Year founded 1969
Company National Journal Group
Country United States
Based in Washington, D.C.
Language English
ISSN 0017-2626

Government Executive is an American trade magazine, founded in 1969. It was purchased in 1987 by National Journal, which itself was purchased in 1997 by the Atlantic Media Company, owned by David Bradley. The magazine is distributed free to senior executives in federal, state and local governments.[1] In 2009, the independent research firm Market Connections, Inc. cited the magazine as the number one publication read by federal managers.[2]

The editorial team is led by Tom Shoop, along with managing editor Sue Fourney and executive editor Katherine McIntire Peters, who also oversees the tech-focused Nextgov sister site.[3][4]

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