The Goseigers (ゴセイジャー Goseijā) are the fictional protagonists featured in the 34th Super Sentai Series Tensou Sentai Goseiger, making their debut in the film Samurai Sentai Shinkenger vs. Go-onger: GinmakuBang!! where they briefly appear to fight against some of the Gedoushu. The Goseigers fight against several groups of antagonists throughout the series Universal Annihilation Army Warstar, Earth Condemnation Group Yuumajuu, and Machine Onslaught Empire Matrintis before facing their true enemy Brajira of the Messiah.

Following the end of the series and the epilogue movie, the Goseigers participate with the 33 other past Super Sentai groups in the Legendary Great War, defeating the first invasion force of the Space Empire Zangyack at the cost of losing their powers. During the events of the film Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Great Battle, the Goseigers regain their powers after stealing their respective Ranger Keys from the Gokaigers and battle them to get Gosei Knight's Ranger Key from them to resume their mission. Eventually, both Super Sentai groups eventually team up to battle the resurrected leader of The Black Cross Army and the Goseigers relinquish their powers once more after finding common ground with the Gokaigers.

Much of the footage and plotline for Goseigers was adapted for the American series Power Rangers Megaforce and its sequel series Power Rangers Super Megaforce.

The Goseigers

The Goseigers are young members of the Gosei Angel (護星天使 Gosei Tenshi) race, humans born with mysterious powers who 10,000 years ago moved to the Gosei World (護星界 Goseikai) so not to cause trouble for regular humans. Using the Heaven's Tower (天の塔 Ten no Tō) as a bridge between the dimensions, the Gosei Angels made it their mission to protect Earth. They are divided into three Tribes: the optimistic Skick Tribe (スカイック族 Sukaikku Zoku) with power over the aerial elements, the tough Landick Tribe (ランディック族 Randikku Zoku) with power over the earth, and the calm-headed Seaick Tribe (シーイック族 Shīikku Zoku) with power over the water element.[1][2] Prior to battle, the team announces their arrival by saying "Protecting the planet is an angel's duty." (「地球(ほし)を護るは天使の使命。」 "Hoshi o mamoru wa tenshi no shimei.") followed by "Tensou Sentai Goseiger!" (「天装戦隊ゴセイジャー!」 "Tensō Sentai Goseijā!"). With the power of the Miracle Gosei Headders, the Goseigers become the Super Goseigers (スーパーゴセイジャー Sūpā Goseijā). Prior to battle, the Super Goseigers announce their arrival by saying "The Gosei feeling is like a hot crystal, Super Goseigers!" (護星の想いの熱き結晶、スーパーゴセイジャー! Gosei no omoi no atsuki kesshō, Sūpā Goseijā).


Alata (アラタ Arata) is a member of the Skick Tribe who has been the childhood friend of Eri. He has an innate ability to see through to the true essence of things. Unlike his Skick Tribe partner Eri, Alata is ten times more sensitive to the wind and he can easily pick up and track evil around the area. He, like Eri, also has a bubbly and positive personality. Whenever in a pinch, he never gives up and fights his way through. Alata truly believes in protecting the Earth and everyone. He is the first to befriend and truly trust Nozomu. However, despite being a strong leader for the group, Alata is usually an airhead and often does things before thinking about them. After transforming into Gosei Red (ゴセイレッド Gosei Reddo), Alata says, "Skick Power of Storm! Gosei Red" (嵐のスカイックパワー!ゴセイレッド Arashi no Sukaikku Pawā! Gosei Reddo).[3][4] With the Gosei Tensword, Gosei Red becomes Super Gosei Red (スーパーゴセイレッド Sūpā Gosei Reddo), saying "Miraculous Storm! Super Gosei Red" (奇跡の嵐!スーパーゴセイレッド Kiseki no Arashi! Sūpā Gosei Reddo).[5]

Alata is portrayed by Yudai Chiba (千葉 雄大 Chiba Yūdai).[6] As a child, he is portrayed by Yusuke Akiyama (秋山 悠介 Akiyama Yūsuke).


Eri (エリ) is a member of the Skick Tribe who is the most maternal of the group and optimistic about life. She excels in assessing situations, and is also a very bold fighter. Eri's personality resembles that of a cheerful and bubbly girl, as she is always thinking positively and never gives up. She also lacks common sense, as shown when collaborating with Moune in episode 9. Because of her capricious and airhead personality, she often clashes with her teammembers, especially Moune. She is often seen eating something, especially sweets. After transforming into Gosei Pink (ゴセイピンク Gosei Pinku), Eri says, "Skick Power of Breeze! Gosei Pink" (息吹のスカイックパワー!ゴセイピンク Ibuki no Sukaikku Pawā! Gosei Pinku).[7][8] With the Gosei Tensword, Gosei Pink becomes Super Gosei Pink (スーパーゴセイピンク Sūpā Gosei Pinku), saying "Miraculous Breeze! Super Gosei Pink" (奇跡の息吹!スーパーゴセイピンク Kiseki no Ibuki! Sūpā Gosei Pinku).[9]

Eri is portrayed by Rika Sato.[10] As a child, she is portrayed by Mutsumi Aou (栗生 睦未 Aō Mutsumi).


Agri (アグリ Aguri) is a hot-blooded Landick warrior and elder brother of Moune who acts cool. He prides himself on being the strongest fighter out of the five Goseigers. After transforming into Gosei Black (ゴセイブラック Gosei Burakku), Agri says, "Landick Power of Stone! Gosei Black" (巌のランディックパワー!ゴセイブラック Iwao no Randikku Pawā! Gosei Burakku). As Gosei Black, he can team up with his sister to perform combination attacks.[11][12] With the Gosei Tensword, Gosei Black becomes Super Gosei Black (スーパーゴセイブラック Sūpā Gosei Burakku), saying "Miraculous Stone! Super Gosei Black" (奇跡の巌!スーパーゴセイブラック Kiseki no Iwao! Sūpā Gosei Burakku).[13]

Agri is portrayed by Kyousuke Hamao.[14]


Moune (モネ Mone) is Agri's younger sister and youngest member of the group. However, she has a very strict nature which causes Eri to often get on her nerves. Despite this, she can be loving and always sticks to the battle ahead. Hyde sometimes calls her a child as she sometimes has a childish nature. After transforming into Gosei Yellow (ゴセイイエロー Gosei Ierō), Moune says, "Landick Power of Sprouting! Gosei Yellow" (芽萌のランディックパワー!ゴセイイエロー Megumi no Randikku Pawā! Gosei Ierō). As Gosei Yellow, she can perform the Insulator Kick (絶縁体キック Zetsuentai Kikku).[15][16] With the Gosei Tensword, Gosei Yellow becomes Super Gosei Yellow (スーパーゴセイイエロー Sūpā Gosei Ierō), saying "Miraculous Sprouting! Super Gosei Yellow" (奇跡の芽萌!スーパーゴセイイエロー Kiseki no Megumi! Sūpā Gosei Ierō).[17]

Moune is portrayed by Mikiho Niwa.[18]


Hyde (ハイド Haido) is the oldest of the group and the lone member of the Seaick Tribe, after the death of his partner Magis. Because he is the oldest, he is wise and usually calm, often paying very close attention to detail no matter how trivial. Whenever he calls Moune childish because of a mistake she makes, she will respond by calling him an old man. He serves in keeping the team together. After transforming into Gosei Blue (ゴセイブルー Gosei Burū), Hyde says, "Seaick Power of Surging Waves! Gosei Blue" (怒涛のシーイックパワー!ゴセイブルー Dotō no Shīikku Pawā! Gosei Burū). As Gosei Blue, he can perform the Seaick Spin (シーイックスピン Shīikku Supin).[19][20] With the Gosei Tensword, Gosei Blue becomes Super Gosei Blue (スーパーゴセイブルー Sūpā Gosei Burū), saying "Miraculous Surging Waves! Super Gosei Blue" (奇跡の怒涛!スーパーゴセイブルー Kiseki no Dotō! Sūpā Gosei Burū).[21]

Hyde is portrayed by Kento Ono (小野 健斗 Ono Kento).


Magis (マジス Majisu) was a member of the Seaick Tribe and the former partner of Hyde. Prior to the beginning of the series, he was killed by Kurasuniigo of the 5000°C after sacrificing himself to save Hyde, briefly transforming into Gosei Green (ゴセイグリーン Gosei Gurīn) to do so. Magis only appears in flashbacks; first in Epic 10 "Hyde's Partner", and again in Epic 39 "Epic Zero". It was later revealed that Magis has a dolphin motif as Gosei Green and his catchphrase is "Seaick Power of Life" (命のシーイックパワー Inochi no Shīikku Pawā).[22]

Magis is portrayed by Yousuke Itou (伊藤 陽佑 Itō Yōsuke), who previously portrayed Sen'ichi "Sen-chan" Enari in Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger.

Gosei Knight

Gosei Knight (ゴセイナイト Gosei Naito) is a mysterious warrior of which the Gosei World has no record. Ten-thousand years ago, he was originally the Groundion Headder (グランディオンヘッダー Gurandion Heddā) and battled the Yuumajuu alongside Brajira until they got separated. Ending up in a glacier, Groundion made a pact with the planet itself as it gives him the means to assume his human-like form to fight the revived Yuumajuu and cleanse the Earth of any threat to it. His motivations however have put him at odds with the current Goseigers, as he doesn't care for the people who inhabit the Earth and pollute it. Overtime, while fighting alongside the Goseigers, Gosei Knight realizes their missions are one and the same. When the Yuumajuu were finally defeated and the forces of Matrintis appear, along with his life-force dwindling by then, Gosei Knight is in a dilemma of continue aiding the Goseigers or not. It was only after realizing that humans, in the example of Nozomu, have the potential to right their wrongs and protect the planet just as much as they can damage it as well, that Gosei Knight is able to truly fight alongside the Goseigers as their support.

Once Buredoran is revealed to be Brajira, their relation revealed to the Goseigers in the process, Gosei Knight personally battles his former master before being captured so his Final Power can be used by the villain. Soon after being tortured, Gosei Knight is infused with Brajira's Dark Gosei Power and forced to once more serve his master as Dark Gosei Knight (ダーク・ゴセイナイト Dāku Gosei Naito). However, Alata manages to exhaust the evil energy within Gosei Knight and replenish it with his own Gosei Power. Eventually, after Brajira is defeated and the world safe, Gosei Knight decides to rest once more to regain his full power. Supporting the Goseigers during their the Legend War, Gosei Knight sacrifices his ability to assume humanoid form to defeat the first Zangyack invasion force. During the events of 199 Hero Great Battle, while briefly obtaining the Gosei Knight Ranger Key holding his power, Gosei Knight regains his usual form and aids the Goseigers in helping the Gokaigers in their fight against the Black Cross King.

Unlike the Goseigers, Gosei Knight uses the mysterious Knightick Power (ナイティックパワー Naitikku Pawā), enabling him to use the abilities of the Skick, Landick, and Seaick Tribes. When fighting, he refers to himself as "The Earth purifying knight of destiny! Gosei Knight" (地球を浄める宿命の騎士!ゴセイナイト Hoshi o kiyomeru shukumei no kishi! Gosei Naito).[23][24]

Gosei Knight is voiced by Katsuyuki Konishi (小西 克幸 Konishi Katsuyuki).

Master Head

Master Head (マスターヘッド Masutā Heddo) is the leader of the Gosei World and the Goseigers' contact to their homeworld, providing them with information to fight Warstar and later the Yuumajuu. In the end, Master Head sacrifices himself to provide the Goseigers with Gosei Ultimate. However, Master Head's spirit endured and ended up in another dimension. Playing a role in giving Gosei Knight the power to help in the Goseigers' final battle with the Matrintis Empire, Master Head reveals himself when he temporarily possesses Professor Amachi to give the Goseigers assistance, giving them insight about the Yuumajuu's sealing and Brajira.

Master Head is voiced by Ikuya Sawaki (沢木 郁也 Sawaki Ikuya), who also voices the Tensouder and acts as the series' narrator.

Amachi Astronomical Institute

The Amachi Astronomical Institute (天知天文研究所 Amachi Tenmon Kenkyūjō) is the home of Alata's good friend Nozomu and his father Professor Shuichirou Amachi. The members of the Goseigers work for the Professor part-time.

Nozomu Amachi

Nozomu Amachi (天知 望 Amachi Nozomu) is a grade four student who is Alata's good friend. He first meets Alata when the Goseiger stops a baby carriage from rolling down a flight of stairs at a park. After their first encounter, Alata leaves to rejoin his teammates, but forgets his Change Card. Nozomu saves Alata in battle by bringing the Change Card to him. Although it is the Goseigers' policy not to let mankind know of their existence, Alata convinces his teammates not to erase Nozomu's memory; instead, they make him their close ally.[25]

Nozomu is portrayed by Sakuya Nakamura (中村 咲哉 Nakamura Sakuya).

Shuichirou Amachi

Professor Shuichirou Amachi (天知 秀一郎博士 Amachi Shūichirō-hakase) is an amateur astronomer who runs the Amachi Institute, Nozomi's father and only present parent as his wife Yuko (裕子 Yūko) works away from home and rarely comes home. He hires the Goseigers as part-time workers, unaware of their actions. Regardless, Amachi aids them on certain occasions and eventually learns the truth about the Gosei Angels from Master Head after agreeing to be his medium to talk through due to being of pure heart.[26]

Shuichirou is portrayed by Louis Yamada LIII (山田ルイ53世 Yamada Rui Gojūsan-sei), the tsukkomi of the Hige Danshaku (髭男爵 Hige Danshaku) manzai duo.


Datas (データス Dētasu) is a robot that is sent by Master Head to Earth, prior to Heaven's Tower being destroyed as both an emergency system and means for communication between the Gosei World and Earth. Tending to end his sentences with "desu", and usually sleeping when not needed, Datas also can pinpoint the likely location of villain activity. His form resembles the Super Sentai Battle: Dice-O arcade machine. Datas did not reappear in the Legend War because he was beaten and badly damaged by Zangyack.

Datas is voiced by Kōki Miyata (宮田 幸季 Miyata Kōki).


To perform their mission, the Gosei Angels use the mystical Gosei Power (ゴセイパワー Gosei Pawā) sealed away in Gosei Cards that are kept in the Gosei Card Buckle belts.

Gosei Cards

The Gosei Cards (ゴセイカード Gosei Kādo) allow the Goseigers to perform Tensou Techniques (天装術 Tensō Jutsu, [Note 1]). All of the Gosei Cards, when placed in the Tensouder, are activated with the activation call "Tensou!"[46]

Gosei Card Types
Skick Power Gosei Cards
There are two of each Skick Power Gosei Card each for Gosei Red and Gosei Pink.
Landick Power Gosei Cards
There are two of each Landick Power Gosei Card each for Gosei Black and Gosei Yellow.
Seaick Power Gosei Cards
There is one of each Seaick Power Gosei Card for Gosei Blue.
Knightick Power Gosei Cards
Unlike the Goseigers, Gosei Knight uses the numbers on his Leon Cellular to activate his Tensou Techniques in addition to Gosei Cards.

Gosei Headders & Gosei Machines

The Gosei Headders (ゴセイヘッダー Gosei Heddā) are living head-like items that help the Goseigers, serving only those who share their common attributes. Normally dormant on Headder Island (ヘッダーアイランド Heddā Airando), the Goseigers can call upon them with the Headder Gosei Cards. Groups of Headders that are summoned together from different tribes are usually known as Brothers (ブラザー Burazā). They can also be attached unto the Gosei Blaster. The Goseigers can also summon robotic bodies for the Gosei Headders to attach to, turning them into the Gosei Machines (ゴセイマシン Gosei Mashin).

Tensou Combinations

Gosei Great

Tensou Combination Gosei Great (天装合体ゴセイグレート Tensō Gattai Gosei Gurēto) is the combination of the five Gosei Machines and Headders. Gosei Great's attacks include the Snake Headder Kick (スネークヘッダーキック Sunēku Heddā Kikku) and the Headder Punch (ヘッダーパンチ Heddā Panchi) and the Headder Kick (ヘッダーキック Heddā Kikku) in the Headder Attack (ヘッダーアタック Heddā Atakku) launching Headders. Armed with the Dragon Sword (ドラゴンソード Doragon Sōdo), Gosei Great uses the weapon to execute the Great Strike (グレートストライク Gurēto Sutoraiku) slash attack.[73] When performing Gosei Great's final attack, the Goseigers say "Guardian Angels deliver heaven's fury unto the wicked!" (俺達(私達)護星天使が、悪しき魂に天罰を下す! Ore-tachi (Watashi-tachi) Gosei Tenshi ga, ashiki tamashii ni tenbatsu o kudasu!).

Datas Hyper

By combining with the Hyper Change Headder, Datas turns into a giant robot called Datas Hyper (データスハイパー Dētasu Haipā). Datas Hyper's attacks include the Datas Punch (データスパンチ Dētasu Panchi), the Hyper Upper (ハイパーアッパー Haipā Appā), and his finisher the Datas Dynamic Crash (データスダイナミッククラッシュ Dētasu Dainamikku Kurasshu), which fires several powerful lasers and cards to finish the enemy.[79]

Hyper Gosei Great

After combining with the Skick Brothers, Seaick Brothers, Landick Brothers, and Datas Hyper, Gosei Great becomes Hyper Gosei Great (ハイパーゴセイグレート Haipā Gosei Gurēto). Hyper Gosei Great's final attack is the Hyper Headder Strike (ハイパーヘッダーストライク Haipā Heddā Sutoraiku), firing all Headders at the opponent.[80]

Gosei Ground

Tensou Combination Gosei Ground (天装合体ゴセイグランド Tensō Gattai Gosei Gurando) is the combination of the Groundion and the Knight Brothers. Gosei Ground's attacks include the Groundion Punch (グランディオンパンチ Gurandion Panchi) and the Sealeon Kick (シーレオンキック Shīreon Kikku), and the Eraser Missiles (イレイザーミサイル Ireizā Misairu). Gosei Ground's final attack is the GrounDrastic (グランドラスティック Gurandorasutikku), firing a barrage of Eraser Missiles that hit the opponent before Gosei Ground himself rips through for the final blow. When performing Gosei Ground's final attack, the Groundion Headder says "Though scum like you dares to defile this planet, the Earth and I forbid it!" (地球(ほし)を傷つけ汚す輩は、地球(ほし)と私が許さない! Hoshi o kizutsuke kegasu yakara wa, hoshi to watashi ga yurusanai!).[81]

Ground Gosei Great

Ground Gosei Great (グランドゴセイグレート Gurando Gosei Gurēto) is the combination of Gosei Great and Gosei Ground. The tip of its weapon, the Gosei Lancer (ゴセイランサー Gosei Ransā), can be mounted with either the Kuwaga Headder, Manta Headder, or Taka Headder to perform various techniques that amplify Skick, Landick, or Seaick abilities. With the Kuwaga Headder, the Gosei Lancer can be used as an extending sasumata. With the Manta Headder, it produces a tidal wave when swung. With the Taka Headder, it can emit a shock wave and perform the Sky Sonic Break (スカイソニックブレイク Sukai Sonikku Bureiku) attack. Ground Gosei Great's final attack is the Ground Great Strike (グランドグレートストライク Gurando Gurēto Sutoraiku) using the Kuwaga Headder to cause an eruption that consumes the target. A variation of the Ground Great Strike is when the Taka Headder is used, Ground Gosei Great spins the Gosei Lancer and then launches the Taka Headder at the target. When performing Ground Gosei Great's final attack, the Goseigers and the Groundion Headder say "Unto those who dare to defile this planet, the Guardian Mission delivers heaven's fury!" (地球(ほし)を傷つけ汚す魂に、護星の使命が天罰を下す! Hoshi o kizutsuke kegasu tamashii ni, Gosei no shimei ga tenbatsu o kudasu!).[82]

Wonder Gosei Great

Tensou Combination Wonder Gosei Great (天装合体ワンダーゴセイグレート Tensō Gattai Wandā Gosei Gurēto) is the combination of four Gosei Machines and Gosei Wonder. It wields the Gosei Bird Ax (ゴセイバードアックス Gosei Bādo Akkusu) as its weapon.[72] Wonder Gosei Great's final attack is the Wonderful Strike (ワンダフルストライク Wandafuru Sutoraiku), launching the Bird Headder with the Gosei Bird Ax.[83]

Gosei Ultimate

Gosei Ultimate (ゴセイアルティメット Gosei Arutimetto) is a giant machine that focuses the powers of the five Miracle Gosei Headders, originally intended to be the foundation of the newly rebuilt Heaven's Tower. It's flying Machine Mode (マシンモード Mashin Mōdo) is able to transform into a giant robot armed with the twin Ultimate Swords (アルティメットソード Arutimetto Sōdo). Gosei Ultimate's final attack is the Ultimate Strike (アルティメットストライク Arutimetto Sutoraiku), firing the Miracle Gosei Headers at an opponent. In the series finale, Gosei Ultimate is briefly controlled by the Master Head in an attempt to take out the Wedges Brajira created to destroy all life on Earth.[84]

Ground Hyper Gosei Great

After combining with the Skick Brothers, Seaick Brothers, Landick Brothers, Knight Brothers, the Groundion Headder and Datas Hyper by using the Modikara power from the Shinkengers, Gosei Great becomes Ground Hyper Gosei Great (グランドハイパーゴセイグレート Gurando Haipā Gosei Gurēto) in Tensou Sentai Goseiger vs. Shinkenger: Epic on Ginmaku. Ground Hyper Gosei Great's final attack is the Modikara Headder Strike (モヂカラヘッダーストライク Mojikara Heddā Sutoraiku).


  1. "Tensou" (天装 Tensō) is literally translated as "Celestial Armament".


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