Good News (TV series)

Good News

Main cast
Also known as ''The Good News''
Genre Sitcom
Created by Ed. Weinberger
Written by David Chambers
Rob Dames
Richard Dubin
Robert Howe
Leonard Ripps
Danice Rollins
Directed by Charlotte Brown
Stan Daniels
Kim Friedman
Anna Maria Horsford
Tony Singletary
Ed. Weinberger
Starring David Ramsey
Roz Ryan
Guy Torry
Composer(s) Bill Maxwell
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 22
Executive producer(s) Reuben Cannon
Robi Reed-Humes
Ed. Weinberger
Samm-Art Williams
Producer(s) Bruce Johnson
DeShawn Schneider
Running time 2224 minutes
Production company(s) The Weinberger Company
MTM Enterprises
20th Century Fox Television
Original network UPN
Original release August 25, 1997 (1997-08-25) – May 19, 1998 (1998-05-19)
Related shows Sparks

Good News (also known as The Good News) is an American sitcom and a spin-off of Sparks that aired on UPN from August 25, 1997 to May 19, 1998. It is also the final TV series to be produced by MTM Enterprises, before it folded into 20th Century Fox Television.[1]


The series focused on David Randolph (David Ramsey), a young acting pastor designated to Compton, California's African American Church of Life. Initially, the majority of the church's members balk at the young pastor's new position and resent him replacing their former pastor. With the help of the church's secretary, Vera Hudson (Rose Jackson Moye), Randolph attempts to reunite the church and help his congregation.[2][3]

Other cast members included Roz Ryan as Hattie, the church's cook, Tracey Cherelle Jones as the church's youth director, Guy Torry as a choir member and janitor.[2]


Actor Role
David Ramsey David Randolph
Roz Ryan Hattie Dixon
Tracey Cherelle Jones Cassie Coleman
Guy Torry Little T
Alexia Robinson Mona Phillips
Jazsmin Lewis Venita Stansbury
Rose Jackson Moye* Vera Hudson

* Pilot episode only


Series # Season # Title Notes Original air date
1 1 Pilot Pastor Randolph arrives at his new church, only to find that the ministers & staff are quite upset that their previous pastor had chosen an outsider to be his replacement, and all have decided to quit and form their own church and take half the congregation with them. Even the cute church secretary has to quit because of her mom. August 25, 1997
2 2 "Writing on the Wall" Pastor Randolph decides its time to remove the gang graffiti from the walls outside the church. This angers the gang members and strikes fear into the hearts of the church congregation. Now the pastor has to find a way to mend fences, stand up for his faith, and bring everyone together in peace, love and harmony. September 1, 1997
3 3 "Ashes to Ashes" Pastor Randolph loses one of his members and has to prepare for preaching his first funeral. A stuttering man gets "in the Spirit" during the funeral and begins to speak fluently for the first time. September 8, 1997
4 4 "The Baby on the Door Step" Pastor Randolph must play Solomon when his parishioners square off over their rights to adopt Joey (Evijan Watson), a four-year-old found abandoned in the church. September 15, 1997
5 5 "The Dinner Party" Pastor Randolph abstains from handing out condoms that have been donated to the church. September 22, 1997
6 6 "A Joyful Noise" Mona, a new member at the church, tries to host a party. But things get out of hand when rival gangs show up. September 29, 1997
7 7"Try a Little Tenderness" Pastor Randolph tries to convince young bride-to-be Cynthia Porter to reconcile with her estranged father before her wedding and to include him in the ceremony. Cynthia is ashamed of her father because he is a little person. Meanwhile, Mr Porter makes a big jump for Mrs Dixon. October 13, 1997
8 8 "The Fallen Woman" Pastor Randolph needs a root canal, but his dentist and his bride-to-be are having problems in their relationship because of her past, and he is in no condition to perform the root canal. Pastor Randolph needs to hurry up and patch their relationship back up, so his can get his painful tooth problem fixed. October 27, 1997
9 9 "Show Me the Money: Part 1" The church choir agrees to sing in a televised 24-hour telethon. November 3, 1997
10 10 "Show Me the Money: Part 2" The church choir has a hard time completing the telethon they agreed to sing in. They try to finish it in order to receive the money that's been promised to them. November 10, 1997
11 11 "There's an Old Flame: Part 1" One of Pastor Randolph's old girlfriends comes to town and attempts to seduce him. However, Pastor Randolph is reluctant to respond to her advances because it would make his image look bad. November 17, 1997
12 12"There's an Old Flame: Part 2" Rev. Randloph realizes his true calling when a romantic moment with Joanne (Tanya Boyd) is interrupted by a suicidal man who's perched on the ledge of her suite.November 24, 1997
13 13 "A Christmas Story" The Christmas pageant is fouled up when Joey's duck eats one of Mrs. Dixon's earrings. Meanwhile, a snowstorm reminds Pastor Randolph of home at the holidays. December 16, 1997
14 14"Love, Honor & Obey" Pastor Randolph intercedes on behalf of a wife-turned-comedianne (Amelia McQueen) whose husband finds her choice of profession no laughing matter. January 12, 1998
15 15"The Reunion" Pastor Randolph's plan to raise money for a new furnace hinges upon whether Mrs. Dixon will take a little person (Dana Woods) to her class reunion. January 19, 1998
16 16 "Back in the Day: Part. 1" The church decides to put on a talent show to raise money for the children's summer camp, bringing together a collection of some strange talents from the congregation. February 16, 1998
17 17 "Back in the Day: Part. 2" Conclusion. Randolph takes steps to keep Beans (Reynaldo Rey) sober, but faces a higher power, stage fright, when the two perform at the church's variety show. February 23, 1998
18 18"Amazing Grace" Race relations become an issue when a parishioner dies, leaving his kids in the care of his brother—who has been passing himself off as white. March 2, 1998
19 19 "Lift Every Voice: Part. 1" Pastor Randolph hits a sour note with Mrs. Dixon after he gives away her gospel-competition solo to Cassie's aunt Shirley (Shirley Caesar). April 28, 1998
20 20 "Gospelfest: Part. 2" Lou Rawls aids Pastor Randolph in pepping up the choir as the prepare for a national competition. May 5, 1998
21 21 "Driving Blind" After devouring a batch of rum-spiked cookies, a tipsy Pastor Randolph labors to get a blind man and his pregnant wife to the hospital safely. May 12, 1998
2222 "Under the Influence" Pastor Randolph faces the legal system when he's arrested for drunkenly allowing a blind man to drive his expectant wife to the hospital. May 19, 1998


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