Golf Central

Golf Central
Genre Sports
Starring Ryan Burr
Lisa Cornwell
George Savaricas
Kelly Tilghman
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 12
Executive producer(s) Adam Hertzog
Producer(s) Mark Summer
Running time 22 minutes
Original network Golf Channel
Audio format Stereo
Original release January 17, 1995 – Present
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Golf Central UK
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Golf Central is Golf Channel's news program. It was launched in 1995, in the same year as the network it airs on.

A nightly half-hour show, Golf Central features news and highlights from the major golf tours and events of the world, in addition to on-site reports from tournaments.


The show's format involving anchors varies sometimes there is just one anchor on the desk for a show; sometimes an anchor is joined by an analyst for tournament recaps; or two anchors will be used. With the recent additions of new talent for the show, the latter format has been utilized more recently. It should also be noted that there is never one mainstay anchor team, as anchor teams vary from night to night.

From Thursdays through Sundays during tournament play, from 9 AM Eastern to 4 PM, one single anchor will give half-hourly updates on current tournament leaderboards.

While tournaments are in progress, editions of Golf Central air every half hour to provide updates on the current event, including highlights and leaderboards. During notable golf events (such as the Men's major tournaments and the Ryder Cup, among others), Golf Channel also airs special Live From editions of Golf Central before and after their respective broadcastswhich provides special extended coverage on-location from tournament sites; including analysis and coverage of press conferences.

Anchors and other contributors

Talent on the show varies from night to night, but in the show's rotation are 4 people who appear on the show in anchor roles. Those people are Kelly Tilghman, George Savaricas, Lisa Cornwell and Ryan Burr. The show also features a number of analysts who appear regularly to give opinions and insight, these include Brandel Chamblee, David Duval, Tripp Isenhour and Arron Oberholser.

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