Goldene Kamera

The Goldene Kamera
Not to be confused with Caméra d'Or.

The Goldene Kamera (English: Golden Camera) is an annual German film and television award, awarded by the television magazine HÖRZU. The gold-plated silver award model was created by Berlin artist Wolfram Beck. It is 25 centimeters (approximately 10 inches) high and weighs around 900 grams.[1]

The award was first presented in 1966 as a strictly German television award.[2] Since 1987, it has also been awarded to international stars. In 1995, the categories expanded to more public interests, such as pop groups and organizations, for example Greenpeace. The award show (Verleihung der Goldenen Kamera) is usually held in early February in Berlin, but has also taken place in Hamburg five times, and once in Dortmund.

Awards categories

The official name of the award for the Best Newcomer Actor/Actress is the Lilli-Palmer-und-Curd-Jürgens-Gedächtniskamera (English: Lilli Palmer and Curd Jürgens Memorial Camera). This category also includes a monetary prize of 20,000 euros.


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