Golden Horse Award for Best Film Editing

The Golden Horse Award for Best Film Editing(Chinese: 金馬獎最佳剪輯) is given at the Golden Horse Film Awards.

Winners and nominees


Year Winner and Nominees Film Original Title
Robin Weng, Zeng Jian and Florence Bresson Spring Fever 春風沉醉的夜晚
Chen Hsiao-tung The Man behind the Book 尋找背海的人
Yang Hongyu Beijing Blues 神探亨特張
Matthieu Laclau and Lin Xudong A Touch of Sin 天註定
Azrael Chung Unbeatable 激戰
David Richardson and Allen Leung Chin-lun Drug War 毒戰
William Chang, Benjamin Courtines and Poon Hung-yiu The Grandmaster 一代宗師
Xiao Yang American Dreams in China 海闊天空
Kong Jinglei and Jolin ZhuBlind Massage 推拿
Yang Hongyu Black Coal, Thin Ice 白日焰火
Du Yuan No Man's Land 無人區
Yau Chi-wai The White Storm 掃毒
Zhu Liyun and Tu Yiran Brotherhood of Blades 綉春刀
Chang Tso-chi Thanatos, Drunk 醉.生夢死
Liao Ching-Song The Assassin 刺客聶隱娘
Zhong Renbo The Verse of Us 我的詩篇
Chen Po-wen Murmur of the Hearts 念念
Ding Sheng Saving Mr. Wu 解救吾先生
Allen Leung and David Richardson Trivisa 樹大招風
Lin Wan-yu Small Talk 日常對話
Kao Ming-sheng and Wang Ching-chiao The Tag-Along 紅衣小女孩
Cheung Ka-fai Ip Man 3 葉問3
Derek Hui, Li Dianshi, Zhou Xiaolin and Tan Xiang-yuan Soul Mate 七月與安生

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