Golden Horse Award for Best Feature Film

The Golden Horse Award for Best Feature Film is given at the Golden Horse Awards.[1]

Year English title Mandarin title Country Director Production company
Sun, Moon and Star 星星月亮太陽  Hong Kong Yi Wen
14,000 Witnesses 一萬四千個證人  Taiwan
 Hong Kong
Hao Wang
The Magnificent Concubine 楊貴妃  Hong Kong Li Han-hsiang
Under One Roof 宜室宜家  Taiwan Yao Chung
1963 The Love Eterne 梁山伯與祝英台  Hong Kong Li Han Hsiang
1965 Beautiful Duckling 養鴨人家  Taiwan Li Hsing
1966 Hsi-shih, Beauty of Beauties 西施  Hong Kong
Li Han Hsiang
1967 Orchids and My Love 我女若蘭  Taiwan Lee Chia
1968 The Road  Taiwan Li Hsing
1969 Spring in a Small Town 小鎮春回  Taiwan Yang Wen-gan
1970 Home Sweet Home 家在臺北  Taiwan Pai Ching-jui
1971 The Story of Ti-Ying 緹縈  Hong Kong
Li Han Hsiang
1972 Execution in Autumn 秋决  Taiwan Li Hsing
1973 The Escape  Hong Kong Yu Fong-jhih
1975 Land of the Undaunted 吾土吾民  Taiwan Li Hsing
1976 The Victory 梅花  Taiwan Liu Jia-Chang
1977 Heroes of the Eastern Skies 筧橋英烈傳  Taiwan Chang Tsung-che
1978 He Never Gives Up 汪洋中的一條船  Taiwan Li Hsing
1979 The Story of a Small Town 小城故事  Taiwan
1980 Good Morning, Taipei 早安臺北  Taiwan
1981 If I Were for Real 假如我是真的  Taiwan Wang Toon
1982 The Battle for the Republic of China 辛亥雙十  Hong Kong
Ting Shan-hsi
1983 Growing Up 小畢的故事  Taiwan Chen Kun-hou
1984 Old Mao's Second Spring 老莫的第二個春天  Taiwan Lee You-Ning
1985 Kuei-Mei, a Woman 我這樣過了一生  Taiwan Chang Yi
1986 The Terrorizers 恐怖份子  Taiwan Edward Yang
1987 Straw Man 稻草人  Taiwan Wang Tung
1988 Painted Faces 七小福  Hong Kong Alex Law
1989 Full Moon in New York 三個女人的故事  Hong Kong Stanley Kwan
1990 Red Dust 滾滾紅塵  Hong Kong Yim Ho
1991 A Brighter Summer Day 牯嶺街少年殺人事件  Taiwan Edward Yang
1992 Hill of No Return 無言的山丘  Taiwan Wang Tung
1993 The Wedding Banquet 喜宴  Taiwan Ang Lee
1994 Vive L'Amour 愛情萬歲  Taiwan Tsai Ming-liang
1995 Summer Snow 女人四十  Hong Kong Ann Hui
1996 In the Heat of the Sun 陽光燦爛的日子  China Jiang Wen
1997 Comrades: Almost a Love Story 甜蜜蜜  Hong Kong Peter Chan
1998 Xiu Xiu: The Sent Down Girl 天浴  China Joan Chen
1999 Ordinary Heroes 千言萬語  Hong Kong Ann Hui
2000 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 臥虎藏龍  China
 Hong Kong
 United States
Ang Lee
2001 Durian Durian 榴槤飄飄  Hong Kong Fruit Chan
2002 The Best of Times 美麗時光  Taiwan Chang Tso-chi
2003 Infernal Affairs 無間道  Hong Kong Andrew Lau
Alan Mak
2004 Kekexili: Mountain Patrol 可可西里  China Lu Chuan
2005 Kung Fu Hustle 功夫  China
 Hong Kong
Stephen Chow
2006 After This Our Exile 父子  Hong Kong Patrick Tam
2007 Lust, Caution[2] 色,戒  China
Ang LeeFocus Features
River Road Entertainment
Haishang Films
2008 The Warlords 投名状  China
 Hong Kong
Peter ChanMedia Asia Films
China Film Group
Morgan & Chan Films
2009 No Puedo Vivir Sin Ti[3] 不能没有你  Taiwan Leon DaiPartyzoo Film Co.
Luminoso Film Co.,Ltd.
2010 When Love Comes[4] 當愛來的時候  Taiwan Chang Tso-chiChang Tso-chi Film Studio Ltd.
2011 Seediq Bale 賽德克‧巴萊  Taiwan Wei Te-ShengARS Film Production
Central Pictures Corporation
2012 Beijing Blues[5] 神探亨特张  China Gao QunshuBeijing Yuanxin International Media Co. Ltd
Beijing Mengjiangwei Entertainment Co.,Ltd
Inlook Media
Enlight Pictures
2013 Ilo Ilo 爸妈不在家  Singapore Anthony Chen Singapore Film Commission
Ngee Ann Polytechnic
2014 Blind Massage 推拿  China Lou Ye Shaanxi Cultural Industry Investment Holdings (Group) Co., Ltd
Shaanxi Culture Industry (Film and TV) Yinhai Investment Co., Ltd.
2015 The Assassin 刺客聶隱娘  Taiwan
 Hong Kong
Hou Hsiao-Hsien Central Motion Pictures
China Dream Film Culture Industry
Media Asia Films
Sil-Metropole Organisation
Zhejiang Huace Film & TV
2016 The Summer Is Gone 八月  China Zhang Dalei

Note: There was no Golden Horse Film Awards held in 1964 and 1974.


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