Golden Horse Award for Best Director

The Golden Horse Award for Best Director is given at the Golden Horse Film Awards.

Winners and nominees

Year Director Film Other nominees
1962 Doe Ching Les Belles
1963 Li Han-hsiang The Love Eterne
1965 Li Hsing Beautiful Duckling
1966 Li Han-hsiang Hsi Shih: Beauty of Beauties
1967 Lee Chia Orchids and My Love
1968 Bai Ching-zue Lonely Seventeen
1969 Bai Ching-zue The Bride and I
1970 Chang Tseng-chai From the Highway
1971 Ting Shan-si The Ammunition Hunter
1972 Li Hsing Execution in Autumn
1973 Cheng Kang The 14 Amazons
1975 Liu Yi Long Way from Home
1976 Chang Pei-cheng The Venturer
1977 Chang Tseng-chai Heroes in the Eastern Sky
1978 Li Hsing He Never Gives Up Chen Yao-chi - The Diary of Di Di
Michael Hui - The Contract
1979 King Hu Legend of the Mountain Li Hsing - The Story of a Small Town
Tu Chung-hsun - A Special Smile
1980 Wang Chu-chin The Legend of the Six Dynasty Ann Hui - The Secret
Ting Shan-si - Magnificent 72
1981 Tsui Hark All the Wrong Clues for the Right Solution Lin Ching-chieh - Tong Ban Tong Xue
Patrick Tam - Love Massacre
1982 Alex Cheung Man on the Brink Hou Hsiao-hsien - The Green, Green Grass of Home
Peter Yung - Life After Life
1983 Chen Kun-hou Growing Up Choi Kai-kwong - Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Edward Yang - That Day, on the Beach
1984 Johnny Mak Long Arm of the Law Chang Yi - Madam Yu-Ching
Hou Hsiao-hsien - The Boys from Fengkuei
1985 Chang Yi Kuei-Mei, a Woman Chen Kun-hou - His Matrimony
Hou Hsiao-hsien - The Time to Live and the Time to Die
1986 John Woo A Better Tomorrow Sylvia Chang - Passion
Li Hsing - The Heroic Pioneers
1987 Wang Toon Strawman Jackie Chan - Project A II
Mabel Cheung - An Autumn's Tale
1988 Alex Law Painted Faces Ann Hui - Starry is the Night
Wong Kar-wai - As Tears Go By
1989 Hou Hsiao-hsien City of Sadness Stanley Kwan - Full Moon in New York
Yang Li-kuo - The Dull-Ice Flower
1990 Yim Ho Red Dust Clara Law - Farewell, China
Yeh Hung-wei - The Story of a Gangster
1991 Wong Kar-wai Days of Being Wild Stanley Kwan - Centre Stage
Ang Lee - Pushing Hands
Edward Yang - A Brighter Summer Day
1992 Wang Toon Hill of No Return Evans Chan - To Liv(e)
Chou Tan - The Noblest Way to Die
Tsai Ming-liang - Rebels of the Neon God
1993 Ang Lee The Wedding Banquet Jacob Cheung - Cageman
Clara Law - Autumn Moon
Derek Yee - C'est la vie, mon chéri
1994 Tsai Ming-liang Vive L'Amour Stanley Kwan - Red Rose, White Rose
Wong Kar-wai - Chungking Express
Edward Yang - A Confucian Confusion
1995 Hou Hsiao-hsien Good Men, Good Women Chen Yu-hsun - Tropical Fish
Ann Hui - Summer Snow
Wan Jen - Super Citizen Ko
1996 Jiang Wen In the Heat of the Sun Clara Law - Floating Life
Wang Toon - Red Persimmon
Derek Yee and Lo Chi-leung - Viva Erotica
1997 Fruit Chan Made in Hong Kong Ho Ping - Wolves Cry Under the Moon
Clifton Ko - The Mad Phoenix
Wong Kar-wai - Happy Together
1998 Joan Chen Xiu Xiu: The Sent Down Girl Chen Kuo-fu - The Personals
Mabel Cheung - City of Glass
Hou Hsiao-hsien - Flowers of Shanghai
1999 Ann Hui Ordinary Heroes Chang Tso-chi - Darkness and Light
Teddy Chan - Purple Storm
Ringo Lam - Victim
2000 Johnnie To The Mission Ann Hu - Shadow Magic
Ang Lee - Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Wong Kar-wai - In the Mood for Love
2001 Stanley Kwan Lan Yu Fruit Chan - Durian Durian
Tsai Ming-liang - What Time Is It There?
Wang Xiaoshuai - Beijing Bicycle
2002 Fruit Chan Hollywood Hong Kong Peter Chan - Three: Going Home
Chang Tso-chi - The Best of Times
Lam Wah-tsuen - The Runaway Pistol
2003 Andrew Lau and Alan Mak Infernal Affairs Pang Ho-cheung - Men Suddenly in Black
Johnnie To - PTU
Tsai Ming-liang - Goodbye, Dragon Inn
2004 Johnnie To Breaking News Fruit Chan - Three...Extremes: Dumplings
Lu Chuan - Kekexili: Mountain Patrol
Derek Yee - One Nite in Mongkok
2005 Stephen Chow Kung Fu Hustle Hou Hsiao-hsien - Three Times
Johnnie To - Election
Tsai Ming-liang - The Wayward Cloud
2006 Peter Chan Perhaps Love Ning Hao - Crazy Stone
Su Chao-pin - Silk
Johnnie To - Exiled
2007 Ang Lee Lust, Caution Jiang Wen - The Sun Also Rises
Yau Nai-hoi - Eye in the Sky
Derek Yee - Protégé
2008 Peter Chan The Warlords Sylvia Chang - Run Papa Run
Pang Ho-cheung - Trivial Matters
Wei Te-Sheng - Cape No. 7
2009 Leon Dai No Puedo Vivir Sin Ti Guan Hu - Cow
Clara Law - Like a Dream
Tsai Ming-liang - Face
2010 Chung Mong-hong The Fourth Portrait Teddy Chan - Bodyguards and Assassins
Chang Tso-chi - When Love Comes
Liu Jie - Judge
2011 Ann Hui A Simple Life Jiang Wen - Let the Bullets Fly
Wei Te-Sheng - Seediq Bale
Zhang Meng - The Piano in a Factory
2012 Johnnie To Life Without Principle Gao Qunshu - Beijing Blues
Lou Ye - Mystery
Doze Niu - Love
Yang Ya-che - Girlfriend, Boyfriend
2013 Tsai Ming-liang Stray Dogs Chung Mong-hong - Soul
Jia Zhangke - A Touch of Sin
Johnnie To - Drug War
Wong Kar-wai - The Grandmaster
2014 Ann Hui The Golden Era Diao Yinan - Black Coal, Thin Ice
Lou Ye - Blind Massage
Wang Xiaoshuai - Red Amnesia
Midi Z - Ice Poison
2015 Hou Hsiao-hsien The Assassin Chang Tso-chi - Thanatos, Drunk
Jia Zhangke - Mountains May Depart
Pema Tseden - Tharlo
Tsui Hark - The Taking of Tiger Mountain
2016 Feng Xiaogang I Am Not Madame Bovary Chung Mong-hong - Godspeed
Johnnie To - Three
Derek Tsang - Soul Mate
Midi Z - The Road to Mandalay
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