Golden Films

Golden Films
Founded 1988
Founder Diane Eskenazi

Golden Films is an American production studio founded in 1988 by Diane Eskenazi. The studio has produced a variety of animated adaptation films. The films air on Comcast, Dish Network and Starz Networks as well as are distributed worldwide on television, most digital platforms and at retail. The most famous of the series include the twenty ENCHANTED TALES originally distributed by Sony. Most of the films produced by "Golden Films" are family-friendly and non-violent. The films include over 200 original songs published by Sony Music.


In the United States, Golden Films's productions are distributed by different departments of Sony Pictures, Columbia TriStar and Sony Music, as well as Hallmark and GoodTimes Entertainment. The films are also distributed worldwide by prominent distributors such as Polygram, Grupo Planeta, Universal, Warner Vision, BBC, Starz, RTL, Cartoon Network, and Buena Vista Television. The films can also be found on YouTube, iTunes, and most digital platforms.

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