Gloves Come Off

Gloves Come Off

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Genre Drama, action
Written by Cheung Yeuk Sze
Cheung Chung Yan
Starring Kevin Cheng
Raymond Wong Ho-yin
Selena Li
Natalie Tong
Kenny Wong
Nancy Wu
Power Chan
Florence Kwok
Katy Kung
Country of origin Hong Kong
Original language(s) Cantonese
No. of episodes 25
Producer(s) Marco Law
Location(s) Hong Kong
Camera setup Multi camera
Production company(s) Television Broadcasts Limited
Original network TVB Jade
Picture format 576i (SDTV)
1080i (HDTV)
Original release 16 April – 18 May 2012
Gloves Come Off
Traditional Chinese 拳王
Simplified Chinese 拳王
Literal meaning "fist king"

Gloves Come Off is a Hong Kong television action drama produced by TVB under executive producer Marco Law. A costume fitting was held on 29 March 2011 at Tseung Kwan O TVB City Studio One at 12:30PM.[1][2] A worship ceremony was then held on 28 April 2011 at Tseung Kwan O TVB City Studio 12 at 2:00PM where filming began.[3][4] Filming ended in July. The first episode was aired on April 16, 2012 on the TVB Jade channel, simultaneously with TVB's overseas partners and affiliates.


Tong Shap Yat (Kevin Cheng) was a devoted adherent of Muay Thai, wishing to prove himself against the best practitioners of the art, he fought in underground matches in Thailand, and out of a desire to win accidentally kills an opponent. Jailed for manslaughter for 7 years, Tong returns to Hong Kong 11 years later a changed man. During his time in prison his wife died of an untreated illness leaving Tong a lone parent and sole provider for his son. A remorseful Tong attempts to wash his hands of Muay Thai and seeks to lead a peaceful and peaceable life.

Ko Wai Ting (Kenny Wong) is Tong Shap Yat's friend, and they were students together in the same Muay Thai gym, in the intervening years Ko has built a successful Muay Thai boxercise business, based on his own success and the success of his stable of fighters in competition. With his stable depleted by injuries and defections, leaving him weak in some weight classes, Ko attempts to convince Tong to return to the ring. The promised purse being enough to lift Tong from his hand-to-mouth existence as a security guard and odd-job man and allow him to better provide for his son.

But Ka Shing (Raymond Wong Ho-yin), although athletic and fit, is a newcomer to Muay Thai, saved by Ko Wai Ting from a beating by muggers, Pat joins Ko's gym to learn enough to protect himself, but initially has no wish to fight in competition. A natural at the sport, Pat is persuaded to fight and falls in love with the experience; Muay Thai giving him a purpose and direction in life that he had previously lacked.

While each gains from being in the ring, be it money, glory or self-esteem, they each come to desire to know just how good they are and which of them is the true "King of the ring".


The Pat family

Chow Chung Pat Kau Yan
Tofu store owner
Ng Suet Fong's husband
Pat Ka Wah and Pat Ka Sing's father
Yuen Mei Mei and Yam Ho Kau's father in-law
Angelina Lo Ng Suet Fong
Pat Kau Yan's wife
Pat Ka Wah and Pat Ka Sing's mother
Yam Ho Kau's mother in-law
Michael Choi Pat Ka Wah
Pat Kau Yan and Ng Suet Fong's elder son
Pat Ka Shing's elder brother
Yuen Mei Mei's husband
Pancy Chan Yuen Mei Mei
Pat Kau Yan and Ng Suet Fong's daughter-in-law
Pat Ka Wah's wife
Raymond Wong Ho-yin Pat Ka Sing
Nak muay
Office assistant
Pat Kau Yan and Ng Suet Fong's son
Pat Ka Wah's younger brother
Tsui Shuk Wai's boyfriend, later broke up
Yam Ho Kau's boyfriend, later husband
Cheats on Yam Ho Kau with Chong Po Kei
(Wan Tong)
Natalie Tong Yam Ho Kau
Yam Kwok Lung's daughter
Pat Kau Yan and Ng Suet Fong's daughter in-law
Pat Ka Sing's girlfriend, later wife
Accidentally killed by Chu Sai-cheung in episode 23

The Yam family

Lau Kong Yam Kwok Lung
Muay Thai gym owner
Yam Ho Kau's father
Tong Sap Yat and Ko Wai Ting's coach
Natalie Tong Yam Ho Kau
Yam Kwok Lung's daughter
See The Pat family

"Tang Lung" Muay Thai Gym

Lau Kong Yam Kwok Lung
Muay Thai gym owner
See The Yam family
Kevin Cheng Tong Sap Yat
Former underground nak muay in Thailand
nak muay
Yam Kwok Lung's disciple
Cheuk Man's husband
Chai Pak Fai's love interest, later husband
Ting Yan Chi's love interest
Nancy Wu Ting Yan Chi
Female nak muay
Chu Sai Cheung's girlfriend, later broke up
Loves Tong Sap Yat
Power Chan Chu Sai Cheung
Muay Thai gym worker
Ting Yan Chi's boyfriend, later broke up
Betrays Pat Ka Sing and Ko Wai Ting
Inadvertently killed Yam Ho Kau
(Main Villain)
Eddie Law (羅天池) Lo Tao
羅 濤
Muay Thai coach
Tsui Wing's opponent
Vivi Lee (李美慧) Ho Pui Yi
Muay Thai coach
Otto Chan (陳志健) Dai Zi Lik
Nak muay

"The Champ" Muay Thai Gym (later Disbanded)

Kenny Wong (黃德斌) Ko Wai Ting
Muay Thai gym owner
Former underground nak muay in Thailand
Yam Kwok Lung's disciple
Tong Sap Yat's senior
Chong Po Lam's husband
Pat Ka Sing's master
Raymond Wong Ho-yin Pat Ka Sing (Buddy)
See The Pat family
Thomas Sin (冼灝英) Muay Thai coach
Eric Li's senior
Eric Li 文健生 Muay Thay coach
Thomas Sin's junior
Chan Wing Chun's son
Tsui Wing Nak muay, later Muay Thai coach
Eddie Law's opponent
Gregory Lee (李泳豪) Nak muay
Lee Ka (李嘉) Lui King
Nak muay
Benjamin Yuen Lai Ying
Nak muay

The Tong family

Kevin Cheng Tong Sap Yat
Originally security guard, later boxer trainer
Cheuk Man's husband
Tong Kat's father
See "Tang Lung" Muay Thai Gym
Kate Tsui Cheuk Man
卓 敏
Tong Sap Yat's wife
Tong Gat's mother
Leung Chi Ho Tong Kat
唐 吉
Tong Sap Yat and Cheuk Man's son

The Ko family

Kenny Wong (黃德斌) Ko Wai Ting
Chong Po Lam's husband
See "The Champ" Muay Thai Gym
Florence Kwok Chong Po Lam
Ko Wai Ting's wife
Chong Po Kei's elder sister
Wong Ho Ying Miko Ko Wai Ting and Chong Po Lam's daughter
Katy Kung Chong Po Kei
Chong Po Lam's younger sister
Pat Ka Sing's mistress, later broke up
Was a villain, but then helped the Allies by becoming a witness to the Yam Ho Kau murder, which led to the pursuit of Chu Sai Cheung
(Main Villain)

The Leung family

Edwin Siu Leung Yan Wah
Telecom company president
Chai Pak Fai's boyfriend, later husband
Gets paralyzed from waist down, revealed in episode 18
Begins to abuse Chai Pak Fai
Commits suicide in episode 19
Selena Li Chai Pak Fai
Leung Yan Wah's girlfriend, later wife
Tong Sap Yat's love interest, later wife
Later gets abused by Leung Yan Wah
Has alzheimer's, revealed in episode 23
Forgets almost everything, including Tong Sap Yat, but still remembers the place where they had their wedding, in episode 25

Other cast

Bowie Wu (胡楓) Cheuk Chan Fan
Cheuk Man's father
Pancy Chan (陳佩思) Pat Ka Sing's big sister
Catherine Chau (周家怡) Tsui Suk Wai
Property sales agent
Pat Ka Sing's girlfriend, later broke up
Albert Lo (羅浩楷) Chai Kam Wing
Chai Pak Fai's father
Hugo Wong (黃子衡) "The Champ" employee
Brian Wong (黃澤鋒) Security
Wong Wai Tak (王維德) Security
Wong Fung King (黃鳳瓊)
Lee Hing Wah (李興華)
Lee Ka Ting (李家鼎) One of the Muay Thai boxing gym owners
Daniel Kwok (郭卓樺)
Dickson Wong
Yeung Chiu Hoi (楊潮凱)
Brian Chu (朱敏瀚)
William Chak Yam Ho Kau's ex-boyfriend
Chan Wing Chun (陳榮峻) Eric Li's father
Eric Li Tang Lung's boxing player
Tang Ying Man (鄧英敏)
Ching Wai (菁瑋)
Tina Shek (石天欣) Nurse
Plato Lai (黎國輝) Journalist
Lui Hei (呂熙)
Tse Cheuk Yin (謝卓言)
Josephine Shum (岑寶兒)
Lam Ying Hung (林影紅)
Yeung Hung Chun (楊鴻俊)
Oscar Chan (陳堃)
Cheng Fan Sang (鄭藩生) Chow Chung Chung
"Cheung Tin Enterprise" office assistant
Owen Ng (吳雲甫)
Fong Siu Chung (方紹聰)

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Viewership ratings

Week Episodes Average Points Peaking Points References
April 16–20, 2012
1 — 5
April 23–27, 2012
6 — 10
April 30 - May 4, 2012
11 — 15
May 7–11, 2012
16 — 20
May 14–17, 2012
20 — 24
May 18, 2012


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