Glory! Glory!

Glory! Glory!
Directed by Lindsay Anderson
Produced by Stan Daniels
Written by Stan Daniels
Bonny Dore
Larry Hovey
Starring Ellen Greene
Richard Thomas
James Whitmore
Barry Morse
Music by Christopher Dedrick
Cinematography Mike Fask
Edited by Ruth Foster
Distributed by HBO
Release dates
Running time
152 minutes

Glory! Glory! is a 1989 televangelism comedy film directed by Lindsay Anderson and starring Ellen Greene that originally aired on HBO in two parts.[1][2]


A radio preacher's operation is controlled by his honest but bland son. When the preacher is made a media superstar by a savvy huckster, the son is left behind. Everything changes when the son wanders into a bar and witnesses the performance of a woman rock and roll singer and he realizes she is just what he needs to rise to the top of the world of televanglism.



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