Glenloch Interchange

Glenloch Interchange
Australian Capital Territory
View from nearby Black Mountain Tower, November 2012.
Glenloch Interchange
General information
Type Road junction
Junction type Modified partial three-level turbine interchange
Location Molonglo Valley, Canberra
Spans 6
Maintained by Territory and Municipal Services
Roads at junction

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Glenloch Interchange is Canberra's only major interchange which connects Tuggeranong Parkway with Parkes Way, William Hovell Drive and Caswell Drive (Gungahlin Drive Extension). Following a major reconstruction lasting from 2007 to mid-2008, the interchange now operates without traffic lights. A surprising feature was the retention of an unused bridge from the previous alignment which led from the centre of the Parkes Way/Caswell Drive loop, passing east over two northbound roads, before petering out to the east. This was finally removed in late 2010 during roadworks to upgrade the new interchange to dual carriageway standards.

View of Glenloch Interchange, approaching via Caswell Drive (Gungahlin Drive Extension).

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