Glen and Les Charles

Glen Gerald Charles (born February 18, 1943) and Les Charles (born November 2, 1947) are American writers and producers, notably of Taxi and Cheers.[1][2] They were raised in Henderson, Nevada, as Latter-Day Saints.[3][4]

The Charles brothers attended University of Redlands. Glen graduated in 1965, and Les graduated in 1971.[5] Glen began his professional life as an advertising copywriter but moved into television. Both Glen and Les began their television careers together as writers for Mash. Later wrote for the Mary Tyler Moore Show, Phyllis and The Bob Newhart Show, followed by a stint as head writers and producers on the TV series Taxi. They then formed the Charles-Burrows-Charles production company with James Burrows, and created and produced the television series Cheers. The brothers also co-wrote the screenplay for the 1999 film Pushing Tin. Both were credited in every episode of Frasier as the creators of the "Frasier Crane" character from Cheers.




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