Girl, Positive

Girl, Positive
Starring Andrea Bowen
Jennie Garth
Release dates
June 25, 2007
Running time
88 minutes
Language English

Girl, Positive is a 2007 Lifetime Television movie, starring Andrea Bowen and Jennie Garth.

Plot summary

Rachel (Bowen), a high school girl, seems to have the life that most people envy: she has a steady boyfriend, great friends, and a place on the school's soccer team. Preparing for college and separating from her boyfriend are the main worries of this teen, as she lives a carefree life like most girls her age. However, Rachel's world falls apart the day she discovers that Jason (Detten), the guy whom she lost her virginity to at a party and died in a car accident a few months ago, was HIV positive and a heavy IV drug user.

Rachel immediately goes to an AIDS clinic to get a rapid swab test, which comes back positive. Devastated by the fact that she may actually be infected with the virus, Rachel then confides in her substitute teacher, Sarah (Garth), who has secretly been living with the disease for years. But both young women are about to find out their secrets will not be kept secret for very long, as word begins to spread throughout their high school and rumors fly, making some of these students realize that they may not be as "invincible" as they think they are.

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