Gianluca Costantini

Gianluca Costantini (born December 19, 1971) in Ravenna, Italy, is a cartoonist, artist and activist.[1] His political comics are much appreciated in Italy and have gained him respect in cultural circles, has published in 2009 "The Turtle Tamer of Istanbul " written by Elettra Stamboulis. A graphic novel that recounts the life of the intellectual Osman Hamdi Bey.

Gianluca Costantini is a teacher at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna since 2009 and Ravenna in 2012.


Gianluca Costantini he graduated from the Art Institute Gino Severini of Ravenna in 1991 in Applied Art and the Academy of Fine Arts in Ravenna in Decoration in 1995. He began exhibiting in the historic gallery La Bottega[2][3] artist engraver Giuseppe Maestri in 1990 in the company of photographer Alex Majoli. His work continues between contamination ranging from mosaic to cyberpunk.

In 1993 he published the first comic strip magazine Schizzo n°5, curated by Massimo Galletti for the Center Comics Andrea Pazienza of Cremona. In 1994 he began his collaboration with the newspaper Il manifesto and the magazine Neural cyberpunk and contemporary art magazine Museo Teo Art Fanzine. In 1994, he knows the artist graffiti Marco Teatro and collaborate with the Happening of comics and illustration in Milan, Bologna, Rome, Turin and Lugano.


Gianluca Costantini his latest graphic novels include Dinner with Gramsci, Julian Assange Wikileaks hacker ethics. Founder of the magazine inguineMAH!gazine and G.I.U.D.A. Geographical Institut of Unconventional Drawings Arts. Costantini contributes to Courrier International, Internazionale, laLettura (Corriere della Sera), Pagina99, World War 3 Illustrated and Le Monde diplomatique.

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Curating of cultural events

Gianluca Costantini founding member of Mirada, an association involved in planning curating of cultural events.

Editor and Publisher

Since 2002 he has headed the Italian comic magazine inguineMAH!gazine and graphic novelists such as Phoebe Gloeckner, Danijel Zezelj, Ramize Erer, Max Andersson, Felipe Abrances, Carlos Latuff, Gord Hill and James Kochalka.


2003–2009 by the magazine inguineMAH!gazine in collaboration with Paper Resistance, Marco Lobietti and Elettra Stamboulis. Editions: Coniglio, Fernandel and Comma 22.

G.I.U.D.A. Geographic Institute of Unconventional Drawings Arts

2009–2015 by the magazine G.I.U.D.A. Geographical Institute of Unconventional Drawings Arts in collaboration with Elettra Stamboulis and Marco Lobietti. Giuda Editions, Italy

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