Gerbert (TV series)

Gerbert is an American Christian-themed children's television series produced by Brad Smith and created by Andy Holmes.[1] The Gerbert series was developed for children between the ages of 3-7. Gerbert teaches children about kindness and friendship, making good choices, the importance of loving your neighbor and learning a valuable lesson in life.[2]

The Gerbert series was co-produced by HSH Educational Media and CBN in 1987. HSH Educational Media was owned by Brad Smith and his brother Chris Christian. Chris Christian and Brad Smith were the Executive Producers of all the Gerbert TV Shows. The Gerbert TV Show first aired on the CBN Cable Network (1981-1988), which later changed its name to CBN Family Channel (1988-1990) and then to the Family Channel (1990-1998). The Family Channel was sold to Disney and eventually became ABC Family Channel. The first shows were taped in Virginia Beach, Virginia at the CBN studios and all other shows were taped in Irving, Texas at the Studios at Las Colinas.[3]

Gerbert first aired in the mornings on the Christian Broadcasting Network's The Family Channel (now Freeform) from 1988 to 1991, and was also sold as a video series in Wal-Mart and Christian book stores. It has aired on Christian television stations and networks continuously since its 1988 debut. A secular version, without religious content, was seen on many PBS stations in the early-1990s. The series aired in the late 2000s on KidMango. It currently airs on Smile of a Child Television Network and livestream 24/7 on the Trinity Broadcasting Network and on Smile of A Child TV website. Livestream is also available on the TBN mobile app.


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3


Season 1 (1988)

  1. Surprise Party
  2. A Clean Sweep
  3. The Lost Coin
  4. The Cat's Meow
  5. Things Are Looking Up
  6. Hop to It
  7. I'm All Right
  8. Some Days Are Like That
  9. Forever Friends
  10. Gerbert Saves His Money
  11. Look Before You Leap
  12. Forgive and Forget
  13. Miles Get Married

Season 2 (1989)

  1. Rainy Day
  2. Adoption
  3. The Crush
  4. Why Do People Quit Liking Each Other?
  5. Broken Promises
  6. Jealousy
  7. Listening Is Loving
  8. Little White Lies
  9. Overcoming Evil by Doing Good
  10. Boredom
  11. Too Much Change
  12. Roary Disappears
  13. Wrongfully Blamed

Season 3 (1991)

  1. Dreamboat
  2. Starlight
  3. Being Franklin
  4. A Word Is Worth a Thousand Pictures
  5. The Garden (Gerbert's Beanstalk Episode)
  6. Pranksters
  7. Medicine Isn't Candy
  8. Try It, You'll Like It
  9. Giddy Up Pony
  10. TV and Me
  11. New Beginnings
  12. If E'er the Twain Should Meet
  13. The Little Star That Twinkled
  14. A Lesson Long Overdue
  15. Big Dreams
  16. Bubble Trouble
  17. Thanks, but No Thanks
  18. Manners Manor
  19. Be Yourself
  20. How Much Is That Froggie in the Window?
  21. Fables on the Table
  22. Art From the Heart
  23. Fitness Follies
  24. The Gift of Giving


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