George Miller (Lassie)

George Miller
First appearance "The Inheritance" (1957)
Created by Robert Maxwell
Portrayed by George Cleveland
Gender Male
Occupation Farmer
Family Ellen Miller (daughter-in-law)
Jeff Miller (grandson)
Lassie (companion animal)

George "Gramps" Miller is a fictional character in the long-running television series, Lassie. The character is played by film and television veteran George Cleveland.[1] The character makes his debut in the first episode of the series, "The Inheritance". Miller is the father-in-law of war widowed farm woman, Ellen Miller, and paternal grandfather to her son, Jeff Miller. He manages the heavier work on his daughter-in-law's farm and plays checkers with neighbor, Matt Brockway, the father of Jeff's best friend, "Porky". "Gramps" is a gruff, cranky man who nevertheless has a kind and loving nature.

"Gramps" interpreter George Cleveland died in the show's fourth season on July 17, 1957. His death forced producers to completely revamp the plot. Cleveland's death was written into the show. Following the death of "Gramps", Ellen and Jeff sell the farm to a young couple new to the area, the Martins. The husband and wife fall in love with Timmy, a foster boy on the farm, and adopt him. Ellen and Jeff then leave the farm for the city. The plot continued with Timmy and an entirely new cast.[2]


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