Gaylen Ross

Gaylen Ross (born August 15, 1950, Indianapolis, Indiana) is an American actress, writer, producer and director.

Ross starred in George A. Romero's 1978 horror film Dawn of the Dead and appeared briefly in his 1982 anthology film Creepshow, and she also starred in the 1982 horror film Madman under the pseudonym 'Alexis Dubin'. Along with David Emge, Ross was one of two primary cast members of the original Dawn of the Dead who decided not to have a cameo appearance in the 2004 remake – though the film featured a mall store named after her and a reporter in the remake was named after her character.


Born Gail Sue Rosenblum in Indianapolis, Indiana to Anne and Wolf Rosenblum, she was raised in a traditional Jewish family.[1][2]

Ross co-edited from 1975–77 the poetry journal Antaeus (Summer 1970- final issue, Autumn 1994) published in New York City. In addition to modeling and acting, Ross is also a producer and director, with other numerous film companies as well as her documentary film company, GR Films.

Current work

Ross's documentaries produced by her own production company, GR Films, include: Listen To Her Heart: The Life and Music of Laurie Beechman; Not Just Las Vegas, about the rise of nationwide gambling in the USA; To Russia For Love, about the Russian Mail-order bride business; Selling The Dream: Stock Hype and Fraud; Dealers Among Dealers and the Emmy Award-winning Blood Money: Switzerland's Nazi Gold. She and John Connolly co-authored Married To A Stranger, about the Russian mail order bride business, published by Berkeley Publishing Group.[3]

In 2009, Ross released Killing Kasztner on the work and assassination of Rezso Kasztner. The film depicts Kasztner, a Hungarian Jew, who negotiated with the Nazis during World War II for the release of 1,700 Jews and was assassinated in Tel Aviv in 1957.



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