Garfield and His Nine Lives

For the book or television special, see Garfield: His 9 Lives.
Garfield and his Nine Lives
Developer(s) Lucky Jump Games
Publisher(s) The Game Factory
Platform(s) Game Boy Advance
Release date(s)
  • PAL: May 5, 2006
  • NA: May 10, 2006
Genre(s) Action
Mode(s) Single player

Garfield and his Nine Lives is a Nintendo Game Boy Advance video game based on the character Garfield.


Garfield and his Nine Lives has similar gameplay to The Search for Pooky, but with a few differences. To complete each level, Garfield must accomplish a certain task, such as freeing all of the caged animals or saving Nermal from being stuck up a tree. As in The Search for Pooky, Garfield eats food along the way. He can eat up to 100 pieces of food in a level. He can find hidden areas in a level by pounding on the floor or going through a door. Every three levels, Garfield must fight a boss.


After eating another huge meal, Garfield is ready for a long nap with a full belly. As he falls asleep, he starts having some very strange dreams as a result of overeating right before his nap. Each dream is crazier than the last. The player's objective is to help Garfield through this nightmare adventure by guiding him safely through each of his nine lives.


The game received mixed to negative ratings.

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