Franz Xaver Rudolf von Höhnel

Franz Xaver Rudolf von Höhnel
Born (1852-09-24)September 24, 1852
Died November 11, 1920(1920-11-11) (aged 68)
Residence Austria
Fields Mycology, Bryology, Algology
Alma mater Vienna University of Technology
Known for Taxonomy of the Coelomycetes
Author abbrev. (botany) Höhn.

Franz Xaver Rudolf von Höhnel (24 September 1852 – 11 November 1920) was an Austrian bryologist, mycologist, and algologist, brother of explorer Ludwig von Höhnel (18571942).[1] He obtained his PhD in Strasbourg in 1877, and was a professor of botany in the Vienna University of Technology from 1884 to 1920. Höhnel described roughly 250 new genera and 500 species of fungi, and was known for his contributions to the taxonomy of the Coelomycetes (asexual fungi that form conidia in a cavity (pycnidia) or a mat-like cushion of hyphae).[2] He died in Vienna on November 11, 1920.[3]


The following publication list was obtained from the Cyberliber page.[4]


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