Franso Hariri Stadium

Franso Hariri Stadium, 2013
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Map of Arbil showing the location of Franso Hariri Stadium

Franso Hariri Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium in Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan. It is currently used mostly for football matches and also has facilities for athletics. The stadium has an official capacity of 28,000,[1][2] making it the 3rd-largest in Iraq. The stadium was built on an old airfield in 1956 and was redeveloped in 1992. The stadium was home to the old Brusk club (renamed Al-Shurta Erbil) and was named the Erbil Stadium until 2001. It was renamed the Martyr Franso Hariri Stadium in honor of the assassinated governor Franso Hariri, who supported efforts to renovate the stadium.

In July 2009 Franso Hariri Stadium became Iraq national football team's home venue after the green-light from AFC to host the Iraqi national and clubs teams in Arbil.[3]

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