2008 Formula Zero Championship

The 2008 Formula Zero Championship was the world's first hydrogen fuel cell race series. The first race series consisted of six universities from all over the world competing in time-trialed races on a two mile mobile race track. Potential race locations include London, Spain and several other international cities, including one in the USA (South Carolina, March 2009). The Championship began on August 22, 2008 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

As of 2011, the Formula Zero Championship project seems closed with no further events planned.

Competing Teams

Team University Country
Element One Lawrence Technological University United States
Greenchoice Forze TU Delft The Netherlands
Imperial Racing Green Imperial College London United Kingdom
Zero Emission Racing Team Groep T Belgium
HercUCLAs University of California-Los Angeles United States

Formula Zero

Formula Zero is an organization based out of Amsterdam in the Netherlands and was founded in 2003. Formula Zero's vision is to demonstrate that zero emissions technology can be both fun and sustainable at the same time. The organization's goal is to use racing as a platform to get people interested in hydrogen fuel cell technology. In 2005, Formula Zero began construction of the Mark 2, the world's first fully functional fuel-cell powered go-kart using ultracapacitors for energy storage. On October 26, 2006, the Mark 2 set an official FIA record of 1/8 of a mile in 11.869 seconds. The Mark 2 was featured on the Discovery Channel as a part of the FutureCar television series. Formula Zero set a new FIA record with the Mark 2 in September 2007.[1]


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