Formosa Television

Formosa TV
Type Free-to-air nationwide TV
Branding FTV
Country Taiwan
First air date
Availability Taiwan
Founded 1996-03-27
Owner Formosa Television Inc.
Official website
Formosa Television
Traditional Chinese 民間全民電視公司
Simplified Chinese 民间全民电视公司
Abbreviated Name
Traditional Chinese 民視
Simplified Chinese 民视
FTV doesn't own their own building, they only rent some floors in this building in Taipei.

Formosa TV is a television station based in Taipei, Taiwan. Established on March 27, 1996, FTV began broadcasting on June 11, 1997.

The station was wholly owned and operated by the Democratic Progressive Party.[1] Due to this, its news programs are often of a Pan-Green perspective. Because of the location of its headquarters, which is in an area where Taiwanese Hokkien speakers are populous, it also earned the reputation for being the first station in Taiwan to use that tongue in a majority of its programs, especially on their prime time newscasts.

On May 24, 2004, FTV was among the first free-to-air channels on Taiwan to switch from terrestrial analogue signal to digital television.[2]

Broadcasting hours on Formosa TV is 24 hours except Monday 21 hours

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