Fly captain

A Fly Captain, Fly Man (US & Canda) or Fly Chief, in the UK, is in charge of the flymen who operate a fly system in a theatrical production. Ordinarily a fly man will coordinate with the set designer to get flying scenery safely into the fly loft (or fly gallery) and to plan and delegate flyrail cues. The fly man can also be a stage manager in a small theater. The flyman is usually responsible for all matters of safety involving the fly system and also for making sure rail cues are executed quickly and properly. The fly man supervises the loading and unloading of counterweights in a fly system.

In some countries, the Netherlands where by government regulations in 1997 of restriction in manual lifting of not more than 25kg, (due to continious loading and unloading of the 12kg (26,46lbs) counterweights) all theaters had to change before 2005 to a Motorized Automated Stage Control System (in which the country succeeded). Which require two types of certificates (BMT-A & BMT-B), BMT-A for the specific type of machinery in house (Portalbridge etc) BMT-B for anny computer Motorized Automated Stage Control System in any theatre or venue.

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