Flog It!

Flog It!

Flog It Opening Title Card
Genre Antiques Show
Created by BBC
Presented by Paul Martin
Country of origin United Kingdom
No. of series 12 (as of April 2013)
Running time 30 / 45 / 60 minutes
Original network BBC Two
BBC Two HD (2013)
Picture format HDTV (1080i, 16:9)
Original release 27 May 2002 (2002-05-27) – present

Flog It! is a television series broadcast on the BBC since 27 May 2002, presented by Paul Martin (although the first five episodes were presented by Mark Harnden[1]). The show follows a similar formula to Antiques Roadshow, with members of the public bringing their antiques to be viewed and valued by a team of experts. However, unlike Antiques Roadshow, they are then given the option to sell their items at an auction.

Typical episodes are 45 minutes in length, but thirty minute and hour-long editions also exist. The thirty minute versions are typically (but not always) hour-long editions cut in half; hour-long editions have become less common in recent years.

The show is broadcast as part of BBC One's afternoon schedule. It also appears as part of the early evening schedule for short runs, and sometimes appears on Saturday afternoons.


During each show, seven lots are auctioned off, with a large age and price range. However, the prices generally do not exceed a few thousand pounds, unlike Antiques Roadshow.

Items by Clarice Cliff, René Lalique and Moorcroft appear very frequently. Previously unrecorded works by artists such as portrait painter A. H. Fox have also been discovered.[2]


On each show, valuations are carried out by two experts and, sometimes, by Martin himself. Experts that have featured on the show include Will Axon, David Barby, Kate Bateman, Kate Bliss, Anita Manning, Jethro Marles, Adam Partridge, Natasha Raskin, Philip Serrell, Nigel Smith, Charlie Ross, Catherine Southon, Elizabeth Talbot and Christina Trevanion, some of whom have also appeared as auctioneers and in other antiques-related BBC programmes such as Bargain Hunt and Cash in the Attic.

Kate Bliss also presented several editions circa 2004/05, when Paul Martin was unavailable.

Flog It: Ten of the Best

There have also been several series of Ten of the Best episodes, looking at various objects seen over the years of the series following different themes.

Flog It: Trade Secrets

In 2013 a fifteen-part related series Flog It: Trade Secrets was broadcast. Similar to Ten of the Best, Trade Secrets also filmed special inserts with some of the on-screen experts, exploring their personal passions and area of expertise. Each episode also followed up with an interview with a particularly memorable contributor or item. A further 15 episodes were produced in June 2013.


Like the Antiques Roadshow, the programme travels around the country. Most episodes include a segment where presenter Paul Martin investigates an aspect of local culture, history or historical figures. The auction usually takes place in an auction house in the same area.

Flog It! Travels around Britain

There are also a few editions featuring compilations of the various places Paul Martin has visited while on location and the various things he has had a go at. These 'filler' editions typically run at 15 minutes, and some of these programmes feature extended versions of the location sections from various episodes.


High-definition television recording has been used since 2009, however upscaled reversions of older episodes filmed in SD are still repeated.


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