Flare (comics)

Publication information
Publisher Heroic Publishing
Created by Stacy Thain
In-story information
Full name Teresa Feran
Place of origin Earth
Team affiliations League of Champions
Notable aliases Eos
Abilities Flight, light projection, nearly unlimited memory retention, super strength

Flare is a superhero whose adventures are published by Heroic Publishing. The character was originally created by Stacy Thain for a superhero role-playing game called Champions. She appeared in the six-issue run of the Champions comic published by Eclipse Comics, then in several of her own comics series as well as The League of Champions, all published by Heroic. A comic strip is syndicated by Creators Syndicate.

Flare was one of four children that were raised by a group of expatriate Nazi scientists located in Brazil and connected with an international group of criminals known as DEMON. The four of them were aged and given unique abilities by the scientists, who hoped to use them as a new group of perfect humans.

Flare's three "siblings" consist of a sister, Olga, who also became a superheroine under the name Sparkplug; a brother Philip who became a prominent member of the occult criminal organization DEMON before he was killed by Malice; and another brother named Tomas, aka Overman. Though the four of them have always referred to each other as "brother" or "sister", stories published in various Heroic Publishing titles have hinted that they have varying parentage.

Flare's mother is Katrina Feran, a.k.a. Die Kriegerin, a.k.a. The Golden Warrior, a member of the World War II-era superhero team The Vanguard of Freedom. The identity of her father is uncertain. Though the two chief possibilities are Eric Schadel (a powerful member of DEMON, and Katrina Feran's former lover) and Hans Gottmann (head of the Nazi scientists who raised Flare and her siblings), Flare refuses to acknowledge the possibility that either one is her father, instead using her mother's last name.

Publication history

Flare was the title character in the 1992 comic book series "Flare Adventures" by Heroic Graphics. In this book series she met many Hero RPG characters including The Amazing Darkon, The Galloping Galooper, Dash, the Awesome Exo-Skeleton Man and agents of VIPER.

Appearances in popular culture

An illustration by Mark Williams featuring Flare appears on the cover of the 1982 book "The Super Supplement! Champions II" by Bruce Harlick.[1]

A character write-up of Flare for the Champions role playing game was featured in the comic series called Champions issue #1, June 1986 by Eclipse Comics.[2]

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