Flanders Marine Institute

Flanders Marine Institute
VLIZ logo
Formation 1999
Type Non-Profit Organization
Purpose Support marine research
Coordinates 51°14′02″N 2°55′45″E / 51.233809°N 2.929128°E / 51.233809; 2.929128Coordinates: 51°14′02″N 2°55′45″E / 51.233809°N 2.929128°E / 51.233809; 2.929128
Website www.vliz.be

The Flanders Marine Institute (Dutch: Vlaams Instituut voor de Zee, VLIZ) provides a focal point for marine scientific research in Flanders, northern Belgium.

The autonomous non-profit institute does not conduct research itself, but assists in coordinating international research and provides a database for sharing research results.

VLIZ also manages RV Zeeleeuw, a marine research vessel.[1] The ship mainly operates day trips, and as of 2010 a replacement was being sought.[2]

The Flemish government established the institute in 1999 together with the province of West Flanders and the Fund for Scientific Research.[3] The institute awards a biennial prize to an individual or team that conducts on original scientific inquiry into a medical application of components of the marine environment.[4]

VLIZ has developed and hosted the World Register of Marine Species and the Sea Level Monitoring Facility of the Global Sea Level Observing System. In November 2011 VLIZ was officially recognized as a World Data Center by the Paris-based International Council for Science.[3]


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