Five Fall into Adventure

Five Fall Into Adventure

First edition
Author Enid Blyton
Illustrator Eileen A. Soper
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Series The Famous Five series
Genre Mystery, Adventure novel
Publisher Hodder & Stoughton
Publication date
Media type Print (paperback)
Preceded by Five Get Into Trouble
Followed by Five on a Hike Together

Five Fall Into Adventure is the ninth novel in The Famous Five series by Enid Blyton. It was first published in 1950.

Plot Summary

The five meet up at Kirrin Station and find Aunt Fanny and Uncle Quentin are going to Spain on holiday leaving the five at home with their maid, Joanna. On the beach they meet a gypsy girl called Jo. After the house gets burgled, George gets kidnapped and Jo came with a card telling them to leave some documents to exchange for George. The wrong papers were left and George did not get released. After a wild goose chase round the countryside Jo led them to the cliff top house where George was captive in the tower. Jo climbed up the ivy and swapped places with George. She then finds a doped Timmy with her cousins help. Thinking that the police were on to them the kidnappers tried to escape but their helicopter crashed giving Jo chance to escape and meet up with the others who made a quick getaway and called the police. Jo was then fostered with Joan's sister and will meet up again with the Five but that's another adventure.


The novel was adapted as a 2014 German film production, Fünf Freunde 3.

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