Fireworks Entertainment

Fireworks Entertainment
Industry Television and film production and distribution
Fate Name changed to Content Television
Founded 1996 as Fireworks Pictures, 2005 as Fireworks Entertainment
Defunct March 14, 2011
Headquarters Originally Canada then United Kingdom from 2005
Key people
Jay Firestone
Parent Content Media Corporation PLC

Fireworks Entertainment was an independent studio founded by Jay Firestone in 1996 to produce, distribute and finance television shows and feature films.[1] Fireworks was acquired by Canwest Global[1] in May 1998, and was later sold to ContentFilm (production company of The Cooler),[2] a British company, in April 2005. Over the years Fireworks has amassed a significant catalogue of television shows and movies (Under the Fireworks Pictures label)

From March 14, 2011 Fireworks International became Content Television under the umbrella Content Media Corporation PLC.[3]

Court cases

The original company was sued by Sony regarding Queen of Swords[4] and by 20th Century Fox regarding Mutant X.[5]

Television shows (As Fireworks Entertainment)

TV shows filmed in widescreen 16:9 from 2000 but generally broadcast in 4:3 pan and scan. The widescreen versions are available on DVD.

Movies (As Fireworks Pictures)


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