Fire Eagle

Fire Eagle
Type of site
Location-based services
Available in English
Owner Yahoo!
Commercial Yes
Registration Required
Launched August 12, 2008
Current status Closed February 2013

Fire Eagle was a Yahoo! owned service that stores a user's location and shares it with other authorized services.[1] It was created at Yahoo! Brickhouse by a team which included among others Evan Henshaw-Plath,[2] Tom Coates, Simon Willison, Jeannie H. Yang, Mor Naaman, Seth Fitzsimmons, Simon King, and Chris Martin.

A user could authorize other services and applications to update or access this information via the Fire Eagle API, allowing a user to update their location once and then use it on any Fire Eagle enabled-website. The intention of Fire Eagle was to serve as a central broker for location data.[3] Services which supported Fire Eagle included Pownce, Dopplr, Brightkite and Moveable Type.[4][5]

The Fire Eagle service was one of the first sites to use the OAuth protocol to connect services together.

Fire Eagle has closed as of February 2013.[6][7]

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