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Filmstaden (The Film Town) was a film studio situated in Råsunda, Solna Municipality in Stockholm, Sweden. Built by the main Swedish film producer at the time, Svensk Filmindustri, in 1919–1920, Filmstaden was one of the most modern film studios in Europe. Some 400 movies have been created at Filmstaden. The first movie to be filmed at Filmstaden was The Phantom Carriage by director Victor Sjöström. Practically all Swedish actors and film directors of the 20th century had some connection with Filmstaden. In 1969, Svensk Filminstustri finally left Filmstaden, and the studios were used by small film producers, production of television dramas and the Riksteatern Theatre. One of the last major films to partly have been filmed at Filmstaden was The Emigrants. Most of the buildings were quite well preserved until the beginning of the 21st century when Filmstaden had to make way for a housing development. Some buildings, however, have been renovated and Svensk Filmindustri has moved its headquarters back to a former studio building.


Coordinates: 59°22′01″N 17°58′54″E / 59.36694°N 17.98167°E / 59.36694; 17.98167

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