An old FilmNet logo
Launched December 5, 1984
Closed 1997 (Scandinavia, Netherlands, Flanders, Poland)
2008 (Greece)
Owned by Multichoice
Replaced Canal+ (Scandinavia, Netherlands, Flanders, Poland)
Nova Cinema (Greece)

FilmNet was the name used for several premium television channels in Europe during the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s. It was launched on 5 December 1984, broadcasting with a focus on Scandinavia, the Netherlands and Belgium. Filmnet channels were later launched in Poland and Greece.


It had several owners through the years. In 1996 the channels were owned by the South-African company Multichoice who decided to sell Filmnet to the French Canal+ Group. The deal didn't include the Greek channels, who continued using the FilmNet name until 2008. Although the brand no longer exists, most of its subsidiaries in the different countries live on in some way.


Filmnet was mainly broadcasting films and series. It was, also, broadcasting gossip news from E! Entertainment.


Main article: K-T.V.

K-T.V. was a programming block on Filmnet, featuring various cartoons and original shows with kids as the presentators.

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