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Film Finance Corporation Australia (FFC) was the Australian Government's principal agency for funding the production of film and television in Australia. Once a wholly owned government company, it was folded into a new agency, Screen Australia in 2008.

It was established in 1988, its inaugural chairman being Kim Williams. Since its establishment the FFC has invested in 1,079 projects with a total production value of $2.58 billion.


The Australian government supports film and television production to ensure that Australians have the opportunity to make and watch their own screen stories. The FFC only funded projects with high levels of creative and technical contribution by Australians, or projects certified under Australia’s Official Co-Production Program.

To support diversity, the FFC funded the most expensive program formats: feature films, mini-series, telemovies and documentaries. Cheaper formats such as current affairs, serial drama and ‘infotainment’ are fully financed by the market, whereas the more expensive formats would in many cases not be made without government assistance.

In May 2007, the Australian Government announced the creation of a new agency, Screen Australia, which will merge the Australian Film Commission, Film Australia and the FFC. Screen Australia started operating in July 2008, effectively replacing Film Finance Corporation Australia.


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