F/X: The Series

F/X: The Series
Starring Cameron Daddo
Christina Cox
Kevin Dobson
Chris P. Anson (season 1)
Jacqueline Torres (season 2)
Jason Blicker
Carrie-Anne Moss (recurring)
Theme music composer Christophe Beck
Opening theme Christophe Beck
Ending theme Christophe Beck
Composer(s) Christophe Beck
Adam Berry (additional music)
Mark Kilian (additional music)
Eric Colvin (additional music)
Kevin Manthei (additional music)
Country of origin Canada
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 40
Producer(s) Stephen Downing
Jay Firestone
Running time 1 hour
Production company(s) Rysher Entertainment
Fireworks Entertainment Inc.
CBS Television Distribution (Distribution, 2007-present)
Original network CTV (Canada), Syndication (US)
Original release 1996 – 1998

F/X: The Series is a television series based on the film F/X, starring Cameron Daddo, Christina Cox, Kevin Dobson (season 1), Jacqueline Torres (season 2), Carrie-Anne Moss and Jason Blicker. It ran for 40 episodes from 1996 through 1998.

Much or all of the show was filmed in Toronto, Ontario, Canada (save for stock footage to make it appear to be New York City). The opening sequence ended with a television crew in the foreground loading trucks, and an enormous advertisement (painted on the rear of a building) for The Phantom of the Opera, of which a theatrical production was showing in Toronto at the time.


The show focuses on Rollie Tyler (Cameron Daddo), a special effects man in NYC, who assists NYPD detective Leo McCarthy (Kevin Dobson) in capturing criminals. In the second season, Dobson's character was killed and replaced with Mira Sanchez (Jacqueline Torres).

DVD releases

Alliance Home Entertainment has released the entire series on DVD in Region 1 (Canada only).[1][2]

In Region 2, Cinema Club released the first season on DVD in the UK on March 27, 2006.[3]

DVD Name Ep# Region 1 (CAN) Region 2 (UK)
Season 1 22 September 28, 2010 March 27, 2006
Season 2 18 October 26, 2010 TBA


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