Executive Council (Rojava)

Executive Council
(Syriac) ܕܝܡܘܩܪܛܝܬܐ ܐܬܪܐ ܣܘܪܝܐ
(Kurdish) Desteya Rêveber a Rojava
(Arabic) المجلس التنفيذي السوري
Îşûh Gewriyê
Meram Dawûd
Îbrahîm El-Hesen
Rojîn Remo
Hikmet Hebîb
Bêrîvan Ehmed
Cemal Şêx Baqî
Alaaddin Xalid
Salih El-Nebwanî
Appointer Federal Assembly
Term length 4 years, no term limit
Inaugural holder Îşûh Gewriyê
Meram Dawûd
Îbrahîm El-Hesen
Rojîn Remo
Hikmet Hebîb
Bêrîvan Ehmed
Cemal Şêx Baqî
Alaaddin Xalid
Salih El-Nebwanî
Formation 2015 (2015)
Website http://m-syria-d.com/
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The Executive Council of Federation of Northern Syria – Rojava, acts as a joint coordination committee that oversees the implementation of policies developed by the Federal Assembly.

Origins and history of the Executive Council

Origins of the institution

The ministers are appointed; general elections were planned to be held before the end of 2014, but this was postponed due to fighting. [1]

Council composition

Among other stipulations outlined is a quota of 40% for women’s participation in government, as well as another quota for youth. In connection with a decision to introduce affirmative action for ethnic minorities, all governmental organizations and offices are based on a co-presidential system.[2]

Operation of the Executive Council

Decisions and responsibilities

The Council assists with coordination and collaboration between cantons in political, economic, social and cultural matters; partliciary that of diplomatic and military matters. It also supervises and follows the work of federal Departments and Ministries.[1]

Constitutional conventions

Due to the Executive Council's unique nature as a voluntary grand coalition of political opponents, its operation is subject to constitutional conventions.

Members of the Executive Council

The current members of the Executive Council are:

Name Party Alliance Canton Portfolio
Îşûh Gewriyê Syriac Union Party (SUP) TEV-DEM Jazira Minister of Religious Affairs
Meram Dawûd Honor and Rights Convention ?
Îbrahîm El-Hesen N/A N/A Kobanî
Rojîn Remo Yekîtiya Star TEV-DEM N/A Minister of Women and Family Affairs
Hikmet Hebîb Arab National Coalition ?
Bêrîvan Ehmed N/A N/A N/A Minister of Youth and Sport
Cemal Şêx Baqî Kurdistan Democratic Party of Syria (PDK-S) ENKS ?
Parêzer Elaaddin El-Xalid Syrian National Democratic Coalition ?
Salih El-Nebwanî Law–Citizenship–Rights Movement (QMH) ?



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